Vanity Fair Releases its 2009 International Best Dressed List


Do you think StyleCaster is allowed to take credit for Obama’s debut on Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list? We did throw a stealthy handful of outfit suggestions at him a few weeks back.

The September issue of Vanity Fair included what we have been waiting for all summer long: The 2009 International Best Dressed List. Some names surprised us (Barack Obama), while others amused us (Mayor Bloomberg). Some names have been staples on this list (Michelle Obama) and some names that we were positive would make it, like Nicolas Sarkozy, never even appeared. Attention Frenchies, our president looks better than yours.

Here are our highlights (and lowlights) from Vanity Fair’s list:

Anne Hathaway– A women’s highlight. Because as Rachel Zoe would say “she shuts it down” on every Red Carpet.

Alicia Keys– A women’s lowlight. Cornrows.

Daniel Craig– A men’s highlight. James Bond never loses.

Brad Pitt– A men’s snooze. Sorry, Brad.

Stavros & Eugenie Niarchos– Siblings highlight. We love you.

Tory Burch– Professionals lowlight. We’re tired of graphic prints, but you’re beautiful anyways.

Catherine Deneueve- Hall of Fame highlight. But then again, is there such thing as lowlight in the Hall of Fame?

For a complete list, pick up a September issue of Vanity Fair. To check out Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Archive, click here.

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