Vanity Fair and Jalouse Think Croc Is So In For Spring


If you’re a magazine buff like me, sometimes all of the monthly covers start to run together, or you start noticing weird trends that grace the front of multiple glossies at oncekind of like how the same Fall 2010 Balmain dress appeared on six covers last year, or how the Prada Spring 2011 collection is far and away the editor favorite. Two of the upcoming April issues, however, are eerily similar, considering they both feature really good looking people posing with a live crocodileor alligator? Whichever.

Vanity Fair wrangled Robert Pattinson, who is looking very rugged in his Annie Leibovitz portrait, while French It-girl Camille Pourcheresse gives us her best Sookie Stackhouse, wearing D&G on the bayou for Jalouse. Croc accessories are one thing, but these models must have been terrified to cuddle up with these creatures for their shoots, even if the reptiles were just babies.

Which of these two covers do you prefer, and which of the crocs makes a better co-star?

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