V Magazine Model Weight Controversy (Plus 10 Ways to Be Happy With What You Have—Whatever Your Size)


The ongoing controversy over the rail-thin gold standard in the modeling industry is one that some publications have openly addressed while others have continued to perpetuate with silence. But here comes a warning to all–even if you attempt to make positive commentary on an important issue, it can easily blow up in your face, as is the case most recently with V Magazine.

Inside the January issue of the fashion mag is an editorial called “One Size Fits All,” which we’re assuming was an attempt to demonstrate that every body–no matter the size–can be equally beautiful, even in the same clothes. Over the course of several spreads, size zero model Jacquelyn Jablonski and “plus-size” model Crystal Renn pose opposite one another in–you guessed it–the very same sample sized designer looks.

While the shots by Terry Richardson are colorful and crisp as always, and the similarity in appearance between the two models in uncanny, we can understand how V‘s purpose was misconstrued. Is it really necessary to compare the two models at all? Wouldn’t hiring Renn for the entire spread alone prove their point just the same? Something tells us these are all questions that V will be responding to in the next few days…


Check out Lady Gaga’s spread for V Magazine here



Need a little self-image boost? Here are ways you can transform your thinking to be proud of what you’ve already got:

1. Have confidence: Nothing’s sexier than being comfortable in your own skin. It’s the law of attraction–the more you show the world that you love yourself, the more others will love you back.

2. Know that you’re not alone:
Name one person you’ve met in your lifetime that has never had one single nasty thought about their own figure. That’s what we thought. Everyone experiences self-doubts from time to time, so know that you’re not the only one, then get over it–fast!

3. Embrace the clothes that look good on you: So maybe you’re a size bigger than you’d like–so what. With the curves you’ve got going on, you’ll look much sexier in that pencil skirt than your college roommate who looks like a stick, trust us.

4. Tell yourself you’re lovely…on repeat: The subconscious works in mysterious ways, but we know that with a little help from your conscious mind, you can alter your brain waves to think more positive thoughts. Write it in lipstick on the mirror if you have to.

5. Make an inspiration board: If visualization can work for professional athletes, it can work for you. Clip pictures from magazines or print images off the internet of women with similar body types to yourself that you think are beautiful. Then post it somewhere that you can admire often.

6. Be thankful:
Make a gratitude list of everything you’ve got that you’re thankful for. We promise you, once you’ve jotted the first few down, the list will keep growing. Post this somewhere that you pass by daily to remind yourself of all the greatest things you’ve got going on.

7. Focus on health: Too many times, women are unhappy with their figures because of unnatainable (not to mention unheallthy) standards. Instead of concentrating on losing those extra five pounds, focus your thoughts on nourishing your body with healthy food and nutrients. You may even slim down without realizing you’re doing anything at all.

8. Enlist the help of loved ones: Your parents are a great place to start because they love you unconditionally and always focus on the best. Have them verbalize all your best assets and then have your friends join in too. Seeing yourself from an outsider’s perspective can make a world of difference.

9. Find the styles that flatter your body: Determining which shapes and materials look best on your unique body will help you accentuate your best assets while downplaying those that you’re most self conscious about. Wearing something that looks fabulous on your figure will boost your confidence instantly. Click here to find out which dresses are best suited for your figure.

10. Eliminate the “sample size” from your vocabulary:
The only reason the sample size exists is to make production cheaper and easier for designers. You’re not one to take the easy way out though, are you?

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