Urban Outfitters Gets Hitched

Lauren Caruso
Urban Outfitters Gets Hitched
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In yet another savvy move to reject established norms, Urban Outfitters Inc. will debut its independent bridal line (yes, seriously), mysteriously named Bhldn, via an e-commerce site on Valentine’s Day. How ironic.

The collection will boast non-traditional (think less cat-sweater irony and more pearl-studded taffeta), vintage-inspired (see: anything but mainstream) pieces ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, which is generally affordable for the targeted brides the quirky girl who’s still trying to show everyone how quirky she is.

The idea was spawned from the observations that brides are consistently heading to sister companies Anthropologie and Free People for bridesmaid gowns, and with seemingly recession-proof success, the company earned a little creative wiggle room. I do have to admit though the homemade, heirloom-y feel of the soft pastels and tiered lace hems are almost sort of nice.

With no retail location currently in place, the site will launch with apparel, accessories and lingerie. Everything decorative cake pedestals and place cards will pop up on the site come May, while engraved and pressed invitations will debut sometime in 2012. Managing Director Kristin Norris said the company is looking to finalize a showroom soon. But who’s going to buy a wedding dress online? Isn’t standing in front of a poorly lit three-way mirror with your nagging almost mother-in-law and a pushy saleswoman half the fun? Ohhh. I see what you did there, UO. It’s a marriage made in hipster heaven.

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