Plus-Size Jewelry Now Exists, And We’re So Here For It

Plus-Size Jewelry Now Exists, And We’re So Here For It
Photo: Universal Standard

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

Universal Standard released a brand new collection of plus-size jewelry, and we are definitely here for it. [Glamour]

Can we just talk about how extra Kendall Jenner looks running into the ocean in a sheer dress? [Cosmo]

Jay Z revealed his relationship with Beyonce wasn’t “built on 100 percent truth” in a mini documentary about his new album. [EW News]

STFU: Spray-on conditioner is a thing now? [Bustle]

Miley Cyrus had the most relatable response to a picture Liam Hemsworth posted of the couple on Instagram. [Elle]

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Kim Kardashian West wore a bra for a shirt, and we’re not even questioning it. [Marie Claire]

These five women tested Bare Minerals’ new app that will custom make foundation for your skin color, and it seriously works. [Cosmo]

Twitter is in outrage over this social media star who lied about donating her hair. [Refinery29]

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OK, is it just us or is North West the most fashionable 4-year-old there ever was? [Vogue]

Apparently magnetic lashes are a thing now—we’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty damn curious about them. [PopSugar]

A plastic surgeon may have created a beauty supplement that will cure your acne breakouts during your period. [Allure]

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