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35 Street Style Stars Every Fashion Lover Should Know

  • A comprehensive primer on 35 street style stars you need to know—during Fashion Week and beyond.

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  • Who: Gilda Ambrosio
    What: Italian designer, brand consultant, and It-girl.
    Why: Ambrosio always looks effortlessly cool—and embodies a variety of styles—without ever looking like she's trying too hard. Of course, her long black hair and signature shades help.


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  • Who: Helena Bordon
    What: In 2008, Bordon partnered with her childhood friends Luciana and Marcella Tranchesi to launch 284, an affordable fashion label. Now 28, she’s the brand’s creative director and travels the world for inspiration while also running a self-titled style blog,
    Why: She's known for bright, off-the-runway outfits, and always having a big smile (rare with this crowd.)

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  • Who: Barbara Martelo
    What: Previous editor Vogue Spain; stylist; writer; consultant
    Why: Always dressed to kill, Martelo always nails that effortless European style, whether she's wearing skinny jeans and an oversized fur coat, or a miniskirt and stilettos.

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  • Who: Sarah Harris
    What: Fashion Features Director, British Vogue
    Why: Best known for her minimalist style and striking silvery hair—which is all natural.

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  • Who: Candela Novembre
    What: Milan-based It-girl.
    Why: Her willowy frame, chic chin-length bob, and the fact that she can usually be seen in head-to-toe Fendi, Chanel, Celine, Marni, and other serious labels.

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  • Who: Miroslava Duma
    What: Former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor, freelance writer, founder of blog Buro 24/7, and international fashion It-girl.
    Why: Perpetually outfitted in top labels, she always manages to make every look her own. Often photographed with fellow Russian It-girls Elena Perminova, Nasiba Adilova, and designer Vika Gazinskaya, she's not new to the street style scene, but a definite mainstay.

    Photo: Jenny Norris / Jenny Norris
  • Who: Natasha Goldenberg
    What: This Russian cutie is part designer (check out her line of beanies, turbans and accessories called Tzipporah), part stylist, part consultant and full-time mom.
    Known for: Having fun with serious fashion using things like mixed prints, turbans, oversize shapes, and 

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  • Who: Anka Tsitsishvili
    What: Owner of Moscow-based store INDEXflat
    Why: A new addition to the street style crowd, Tsitsishvili can be spotted everywhere from Russia to Paris Fashion Week.

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  • Who: Christine Centenera
    What: Senior Fashion Editor, Vogue Australia; former Harper's Bazaar Austrialia editor
    Why: Centerera's penchant for edgy, super-structured pieces regularly lands her on the world's top street-style blogs

    Photo: vincenzo grillo
  • Who: Giovanna Battaglia
    What: L'Uomo Vogue editor, freelance stylist, W magazine contributor
    Why: The former model established herself as a major street style star with her penchant for always looking like the coolest girl around, weather in chic, sophisticated staples or fun mixed prints. She often can be seen palling around with felow street style mainstay Anna Dello Russo.

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  • Who: Justin O'Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner
    What: He's the buying director for online boutique, and his GF is the site's fashion editor.
    Why: Two of the most recognizable folks on the international street style scene, he's usually dressed to kill in a three-piece suit, and she in various designer labels. Their model looks don't hurt, either.

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  • Who: Julia Sarr-Jamois
    What: Fashion editor, Wonderland magazine
    Why: Sarr-Jamois' killer style mixes vintage with new and often fuses bright colors and patterns with classic staples. Fun fact: The half-Sengalese, half-French editor started her career as a model for Diesel and Fred Perry.

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  • Who: Linda Tol
    What: Before launching her blog, she got her start in the industry working fashion PR, before becoming a buyer and stylist.
    Why: Characterized by a signature platinum bowl haircut and cool, slightly androgynous style, the Amsterdam-based blogger has, over the years, become a bonafide street style star.


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  • Who: Chiara Ferragni
    What: Blogger and founder of the Blonde Salad; designer; It-girl
    Why: This Italy-born blogger is a success story of the highest order: She went from starting a website to becoming a millionaire thanks to a string of lucrative endorsements, and has designers clamoring to get her in the front row.

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  • Who: Nasiba Adilova
    What: Russian It-girl
    Why: With almost 100,000 Instagram followers, Nasiba can usually be found at international fashion weeks and hobnobbing with the fashion set from Paris to Saint Tropez. P

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  • Who: Eva Chen
    What: Director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, former Editor in Chief, Lucky magazine
    Why: This former editor is a favorite of street style photographers thanks to her ability to seamlessly mix high-end pieces like Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler with affordable items from ASOS and Zara—and she never looks like she's trying too hard. Oh, her hundreds of thousands social media followers don't hurt, either. 

    Photo: vincenzo grillo
  • Who: Eleanora Carisi
    What: Founder of blog Jou Jou Villeroy, store owner, writer, designer
    Why: Italian-born Carisi is a street style sensation thanks to her striking looks and wardrobe that's an equal mix of edgy and chic.

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  • Who: Ada Kokosar
    What: Stylist and fashion consultant
    Why: Koksar's effortlessly chic ensembles (and enviable hair) has made her a street style all-star. (Google her for some serious fashion inspiration).

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  • Who: Tiffany Hsu
    What: This Britain-based fashion buyer has worked for Lane Crawford and Selfridges, but was studying to become a designer at Central Saint Martin's before launching her career.

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  • Who: Emmanuelle Alt
    What: Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Paris
    Why: Best known for her signature French style, primarily made up of ropped low-slung jeans, blazers, button-downs, pointy pumps

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  • Who: Anna Dello Russo
    What: Editor at large, Vogue Nippon; over-the-top street style legend; self-proclaimed "passionate fashionista."
    Why: If you don't already know, a quick Google search should fill you right in.

    Photo: Imaxtree
  • Who: Michelle Violy Harper
    What: Brand consultant, socialite
    Why: Photographers are consistently drawn to her unconventional avant-garde style and bold beauty choices

  • Who: Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble
    What: Founder of mega-blog Style Bubble; writer; former Dazed Digital editor
    Why: Lau's managed to rise above the scores of personal style bloggers thanks to her experimental style and intelligent, anything-but-vapid attitude about fashion as a whole.

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  • Who: Preetma Singh
    What: Fashion Market Director, NYLON 
    Singh is a bit of an enigma in the fashion world. A licensed attorney, she became a street style star thanks to her eye-catching ensembles and colored hair. In 2013, she told us "I think my biggest regret was being too conservative. "I had a very short-lived classic 'lady' phase and it just wasn't me. I can do preppy, I can do girly, but lady just didn't quite sit right. Maybe it wasn't silly enough for me. I like to be able to laugh at myself when I get dressed in the morning."


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  • Who: Anya Ziourova
    What: Stylist; Fashion Director for Russian Tatler
    Why: An accomplished stylist, the Russian-born Ziourova has worked on editorials for magazines like Vogue and Glamour and consulted for various brands. These days, she also juggles being a mom and a stylist, though her classic, pulled-together style seems anything but rushed.


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  • Who: Elena Perminova
    What: Russian style star (and billionaire)
    Why: Regularly snapped at Fashion Week around the globe, this beauty is rarely seen without a full off-the-runway ensemble.

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  • Who: Ece Sukan
    Who: Stylist, creative consultant, fashion writer.
    Why: This Turkish street style star opened the first high-end vintage boutique in Istanbul, and has served as a consultant and the editor-at-large of Vogue Turkey since its launch.

    Photo: Jenny Norris
  • Who: Hanneli Mustaparta
    What: Model, photographer, blogger, Vogue contributor
    Why: She's got impeccable style, sure, but her model proportions and posing savvy has propelled her to street style all-star status

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  • Who: Sarah Rutson
    What: VP of Global Buying at Net-a-Porter; former fashion director for Lane Crawford (Hong Kong's answer to Bergdorf Goodman)
    Why: Admired for her chic, timeless style that always manages to look just modern enough

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  • Who: Caroline Issa
    What: Fashion Director, Tank magazine
    Why: Issa's tailored style manages to both be fashion-forward and classic. She's also a brainy beauty: A Wharton grad, Issa worked in finance before making the move to the front row.

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  • Who: Leandra Medine
    What: Founder of super-successful blog The Man Repeller
    Why: Photographers love her humorous, irreverent take on fashion.

    Photo: The Man Repeller
  • Who: Yasmin Sewell
    What: Fashion consultant; former boutique owner and buyer, designer
    Why: A louche, cool sense of style, often punctuated with admitted "mannish" silhouettes 

    Photo: Imaxtree
  • Who: Irene Kim
    What: Model, It-girl, global brand contributor for Estée Lauder
    Why: This girl first made a splash on the street style scene in 2014 thanks to her rainbow-colored hair and bold sense of style.

35 Street Style Stars Every Fashion Lover Should Know

35 Street Style Stars Every Fashion Lover Should Know

35 Street Style Stars Every Fashion Lover Should Know
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It’s pretty clear that the phenomenon of street style is here to stay. Just one quick pass in front of any given show during Fashion Week, and—for better or worse—you’ll witnesses scores of preening style-setters getting snapped by international photographers. And, as a result, we have a new breed of fashion celebrities known as street style stars.

Back in 2012, we created this very list, and almost three years later, we felt it was time to give it an overhaul with new faces (and outfits), updated photos, and new facts.

While several folks on our original list have stood the test of time and have only gotten more recognizable (ahem, Mirsoslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia, and Anna Dello Russo), others seemed to have fallen off fashion’s radar a bit, likely thanks to the idea that a lifestyle of endless fashion shows, designer items, and international jet-setting is probably difficult to sustain.

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That said, a new crop of style stars have infiltrated the scene, so check out this revamped list (in no particular order) of 35 street style stars you should know as we head into Fashion Month—from established editors to faces you’ve probably seen but can’t quite place.


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