Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Website


Just in case you’ve ever missed anything that Tyra Banks has ever done (ensuring us that her breasts, hair, and cellulite is, in fact, real), now you don’t have to miss a single second of the model-turned-media mogul’s life. Jumping on the online fashion publication bandwagon (shout StyleCaster!), Banks will be launching her one website titled Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out.

The site, set to launch at 5pm today, will celebrate all things related to beauty, fashion, and the everyday woman’s lifestyle. The website will also show behind the scenes clips from America’s Next Top Model cycle 14(?!), and The Tyra Banks Show. Of course it will, Tyra. Of course it will. We want to know: will your finger be hovering over your mouse at 4:59…your breath bated for Beauty’s launching?

Welcome to the web, Ty Ty!

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