Twitter Trends: #WhoeverIMarry Must Have Teeth and Big Boobs

Jessica Hoppe

Who knew the answer to the eternal question, “What do men want?” would be answered by Twitter? Apparently, the hash tag#whoeverImarry is trending big time right now and trust me, the dudes aren’t holding back.

Now before you start thinking we’re actually going to get anything legitimate out of this nonsense read some examples below. Seems men are pretty shallow when it comes to choosing a “wifey.”

So let’s have a good hump day laugh over the choicest selections highlighted by MSN:

(FYI: I couldn’t help but tweet back.)

Whoever I marry…

“…gotta have some big boobs and can’t where panties. So if that ain’t you sorry. You’re not eligable.” —@JuiCyIsMyBOSS

@JuiCyIsMyBOSS do you still live @ yourmama’s house? Probably, huh?

“…gotta be able to sit back watch ESPN, Good Times, Martin, Wayans Bros on a daily with me” —@PRESiDENTEel

@PRESiDENTEel you should start dating your homies, brah!

“…will be my lover AND my bestfriend 🙂 it won’t be a perfect relationship, but at least it’ll be REAL” —@iRespectFemales

@iRespectFemales do you often find yourself in the “friend zone”?

“…has to have all her teeth” —@ItsMePancho

@ItsMePancho this is a good start but might be time to up your standards, playa. That is unless you’re missing some teeth, which is probably a safe bet.

Feel free to Tweet your response tome, boys!

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