Twitter Fashion Style: The Top 10 To Follow Now

Kerry Pieri
Twitter Fashion Style: The Top 10 To Follow Now
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Those who know Twitter fully realize it is its own universe. I tweet and read tweets and re-tweet for that matter, but to those who tweet best it isn’t just for social media sake, it’s an art form. We just wanted to take a moment to call out those fashion kids who make our days just a little more interesting in 140 characters or less, no less.

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Model Freja Beha Erichsen
Freja tweets fun pics from real life and not just while she's working for a living. Retweets and convos with other major models kind of embody Twitter at its core – a way for people to feel like they know people they totally don't!

@THELOVEMAGAZINE London Twice yearly fashion magazine. Issue four is currently on sale.
Short on characters, long on fun Twitpics, Love is amazing for quippy updates and model pics.

Senior Editor, Vmagazine Editor at Large, Editor at Large, Harper's Bazaar
This Ed-at-Large lets the world into the playground of the night owls and fashion flock. Derek's updates can range from late-night celeb party pics to uptown glamour events in a matter of hours.  

NYC Est. 1984
Often written by biz man Robert Duffy, this guy can get on a roll and loves a little debate. But the main grab is a slew of awesome give-aways.

@IamMademoiselle London Mademoiselle, Confessions of an ELLE Girl. I am the secret columnist on the back page of British ELLE magazine
OK, confession, even though I know she's not, this chic adorable Brit always makes me feel like I'm reading the live version of Bridget Jones' Diary.

This controversial photographer may make some uncomfortable, but his in-studio and party pics are totally entertaining. Think hot models, celebs and indie downtown kids – sometimes half naked.

It's not in your best interest to take me too seriously. I call myself the Man Repeller and say things like Lady Boner.
This blogger is like that totally crazy friend you have that says inappropriate things that you pretend kind of shock you but are really just hilarious – plus she talks about awesome clothes.

Milan, Italy Anna is an avid collector of fashion and jewellery and describes herself as a passionate fashionista

This Italian stylist works with Japanese Vogue and has fabulousness that knows no bounds. Plus, she seems truly delightful.

Los Angeles New Beginnings!

The totally adorable reality show vet to totally respected fashion insider is always a great person to follow (See also: @csiriano), whether he's alongside Miss Rachel Zoe or not.

Stefano goes from Italian to English in a moment, has been known to dis established designers like Stella McCartney, talk smack on Jenny McCarthy, tweet pics of his fab life, and is basically the embodiment of a fashion cliché in the best way possible. Obsessed.

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