Twitter Birds – Meet The Girl Behind @DKNY


Anyone who’s equally fashion and Twitter savvy knows about the DKNY Twitter. With over 95,000 twitter followers, not only is she funny, slightly spastic, honest, and a fashion insider, she’s also mysteriously anonymous which only adds to her intrigue.

We’ve been reading her tweets religiously, whether they’re about @dkny‘s latest mishaps such as shipping a Donna Karan dress to the Oscars or simply about the DKNY cozy. While she wouldn’t reveal her identity, we did get a chance to chat with the woman behind the mega brand’s Twitter account over email, naturally. Read on to see if you can guess who the girl behind the sketch might be.

StyleCaster: How did you become the official @dkny Twitter-er?
DKNY: DKNY PR Girl was originally conceptualized as a character, tweeting through the eyes of the PR dept at Donna Karan & DKNY. Since we were one of the first fashion designers to embark on social media, we didnt realize that this is not one way communication. As a result, the more popular @dkny became, the more it became essential that the voice be consistent.

How do you think your brand benefits from being on Twitter?
People dont wake up everyday thinking about Donna Karan or DKNY. Now they do once they check their Twitter feed. There is not a day that passes that someone doesnt tweet about the DKNY Cozy and how much they love it, or a Donna Karan ad that they just saw in a magazine (complete with twitpic). They tell me what they are wearing. They ask for styling advice. Its a global friendship and it brings people closer to the brands, no matter where they live or what they do for a living.

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It’s fascinating that social media can build these kind of relationships. How long has the company been involved online in this way?
We started in social media in April of 2009. We were the first LVMH brand to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter and really one of the first designers to have voice in the medium.

Of course we’d love to be the first ones to uncover your “nom de plume.” Do you think hiding your identity is important as someone whos tweeting for a brand?
Not at all. But I do think it helps make the people following you focus on the tweets, instead of the person. Aliases on Twitter are very common and anonymity makes it fun.

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?
I love people with a great sense of humor people who keep it real and tweet honestly. There are so many I love, its hard to choose. But, some of my favorites are @bergdorfs, @fuggirls, @cutblog, @bagsnob, @fashionfoiegras, @libertylndngirl, @francasozzani, @rackedNY, @thefashionfeed.

Is there anyone whos tweeted at or re-tweeted you in the past that you were most excited about?
Twitter is like its own community. What I love most about it is that you get to speak to people you wouldnt normally speak to at least not on a daily basis or at all. Stefano Gabbana and I chatted last week about shoes. That was definitely a fashion moment.

We love Stefano’s tweets! They’re always so enthusiastic. But let’s say on an average day, approximately how many people tweet at you?
I have amazing, interactive, interested followers. I couldnt even begin to estimate.

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What do you love most about Twitter?
First, I get my news from Twitter. In addition to following bloggers, people who have an interest in fashion and magazines, I follow all the major news outlets. If its not on Twitter, I dont know about it. Second, my Twitter followers are like having my own focus group. I tap into their thoughts when I want a non-biased, outside view, and its very interesting to consider what they like and what they dont.

Do you know your followers?
I know a lot of my followers. Many of course are editors or bloggers that we work with and others are people that I have come to be friends with on Twitter. What I love about my followers, especially those who are with me from the start is that they are so communicative and so supportive. Twitter for me is one ongoing conversation, interrupted.

Whats your secret for getting so many followers? What advice would you give Twitter users for upping their following?
Theres no real secret. I work for an amazing designer in an incredibly vivacious PR dept. Every day is an adventure and I love sharing it with people who care to hear.

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