Twilight Fashion Week


Now I watch True Blood like a religious freak, own all four Twilight books, and even maybe might have bought Edward Cullen fruit snacks once…but even I am unsure about Twilight Fashion Week. Hosted by MTV, all this week they have been showcasing the “New Moon” line that will be sold at Nordstroms next month. The line consists of, well…graphic tees. Sorry guys, but even Lauren Conrad‘s line beats you on this one.


Now before you get all nervous that another Fashion Week is hitting NY soon, give your Blackberry a rest. It’s not really a Fashion Week. It’s basically interns posting photos of themselves wearing the apparel on We’re a little smug that they can call this a Fashion Week….since it’s basically girls hyperventilating over Rob Pattinson pictures. Which really then…wouldn’t every week be Twilight Fashion Week?


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