TV Can’t Buy You Love

Ashley Hebert, the most highly rejected Bachelorette in franchise history chose JP last night to the dismay of Ben fans. No surprise there.

But what I do find most surprising is how 20 guys, who all look better with shirts off than on, end up on a television show fighting for the “heart” of a plain Jane dentist from Maine? Are they all looking for their own spin off and chance to break into Hollywood? Or is it really the pursuit of a ‘rose.’

Each season characters emerge without fail. Men and women so desperate to be noticed they will sport a mask, become a stage-five clinger of epic proportion or intentionally behave like the biggest cad in television history.

Are their intentions true or could it be our fame whore tendancies rearing their ugly heads yet again? It does seem fascinating that even when the runners-up find loveafter the show, it’s usually with some other d-list celebrity.

Would anyone who sincerely wanted a soulmate do so with cameras shoved in their faces while swapping spit with 12 other total strangers? It just doesn’t seem natural.

While the Bachlorette’s tatted up sister did seem to be spouting some hater-aide at JP she did have a point. Her inclination was to be skeptical of the entire process. The fact is, there have been 15 Bachelor seasons and 7 Bachelorette seasons. And of all the 22 seasons there have been just 2 marriages. You do the math.

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