Fashion Tumblr Obsession: Musings in Femininity

Fashion Tumblr Obsession: Musings in Femininity
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Sara Martinez is probably a lot like you: an intern, adores Olivia Palermos style, and is trying to figure out what shes going to do with the rest of her life.

But unlike you, she has a deliciously addictive tumblr that gets over 1,000 hits per day. Martinezs tumblr, Musings in Femininity, started in October 2010 just as a byproduct of a school project and is a combination of runway shots, street style, celebrity looks and pitch-perfect quotes. I sat down with the Martinez recently to chat with her about her experiences.

Why did you start your tumblr?
I was working on an ad portfolio for an advertising class and was looking for inspiration for how I wanted my portfolio to look. It was just this random collection of stuff I like, especially images of outfits I liked.

Where did the title come from?
All of the images were so disconnected and so I decided to just focus on style and quotes of what it meant to be a woman. The title just sounded right.

Why did you choose to use tumblr?
The sources for a lot of the images I was using were on tumblr. I didnt blogspot because it wasnt as easy to use; for tumblr, it all just shows up on your dashboard. Also, theres a sense of community on tumblr. People I dont even know comment on and share my images. It blows my mind how much other people enjoy it because I enjoy it so much.

Its so easy to find tumblr similar to yours and make tumblr friends, even though my tumblr isnt personal or about me really. It brings people of similar interests together. My friends from school dont always understand my tumblr, but theres a level of understanding with the other people on tumblr.

How do you create a voice through mostly images?
I look at around 350 different tumblrs and uses a Google reader to look at about 200 different blogs, so I just pick out what I like. I cant cater to everyone, I have to stay true to my taste. Its about what I love and what I want to project. I hope the viewers realize that style is always achievable; it doesnt have to be expensive or label-based. I can be inspired by all these different sources but I dont have to look like them to feel good about myself.

Check out her blog if you havent already (the slideshow photos are just a few of the images Martinez has tumbled), but be prepared to give up several hours of your life.

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