Try On Online Purchases While the Fedex Guy Waits? Why Not!


Some interesting e-commerce innovations are coming out from China these days! When online retailer announced late last year that they would be expanding their retail presence in China, they revealed plans to put RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking tags on merchandise sold to fight against counterfeits alongside talk of the luxury labels they would be selling to mainland Chinese customers.

Now, it’s been reported that Yoox has collaborated with Fedex to create a program where, starting in September, customers in China will have the chance to inspect and try on their online purchases while the delivery man waits. Presumably, this will make returning unwanted goods significantly easier, and brings a whole new meaning to shopping from home! Now all we want to know is when this service will be available stateside!

As long as the FedEx guy gives a girl a little privacy or at least lets her know if a dress makes her look fat it sounds pretty good.

[WSJ (subscription required)]


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