True Life: I Went To An Enrique Iglesias Concert In Mexico

Spencer Cain

 True Life: I Went To An Enrique Iglesias Concert In Mexico

This picture speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want customized Enrique Iglesias champagne around at all times? I know I do, and I did for three glorious days earlier this month when I flew out to Cancun with two girlfriends to stay at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. An all-inclusive resort offering everything you could possibly want to entertain yourself (namely golf, spas, restaurants, and most importantly, swim-up bars), we immediately fell in love with the well-appointed rooms decked out in marble. They also featured a hot tub next to the beds which I’d imagine is perfect for a couple. I had my own room, so every night I enjoyed the hot tub by my lonesome and then cuddled with quesadillas.

Anyway, now let’s get to the good stuff: my final night in Cancun was the hotly anticipated Enrique Iglesias concert. I’m not even joking, the entire city basically shut down. Everywhere you went, there was a billboard. Everyone you spoke to, they were eager to talk about Enrique. Basically, everyone loves Enrique so much it was like we were stranded in Hyannis and JFK was coming back from the dead for one magical evening. And what an evening it was.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s been awhile since I could really call myself an Enrique fan, but I always had a penchant for his sensual pop anthems, and I always loved him and Anna Kournikova as a couple. I was concerned that Enrique would take the stage and be too cool for the crowd, opting to sing new songs that no one was familiar with. Alas, this was not the case. ‘Rique wowed us all by sticking to the hits. I sat in the front row (read: stood in front of my seat shrieking like the Beatles had just come to Shea Stadium) and basked in his perfection. I mean, he had the entire place wrapped around his finger. Oh, and there were over 11,000 people there. Just me, and 10,999 people sitting on a golf course. Yes, the concert was on a golf course, which of course meant the ladies had to leave their heels at home. I thought I would be trampled by an angry mob of flats.

Everyone around me shared my sentiments of pure exhilaration. In fact, the night was best summed up by a concert guest we bonded with. “I just got married two months ago,” she exclaimed. “But I’d leave my husband for Enrique in a second.” After seeing his performance in the flesh, I’m pretty sure this man is capable of anything. Let’s all raise a glass to Mexico and Enrique. I can be your hero, baby.

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