12 Jetsetters To Follow on Instagram

12 Jetsetters To Follow on Instagram
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Instagram is a social media staple for anyone with a smartphone, but it’s also become a cool tool for pro photographers and amateurs alike who want to snap something on the go (rather than bust out their bulky cameras for every Kodak moment).
This list of travel-obsessed Instagrammers might drive you crazy with wanderlust, especially if you’re stuck at home instead of on vacation. Live vicariously through a student touring Belgium, get a birds-eye view of Europe from a pilot’s perspective, and peep a street style photographer whose lens sees beyond the pretty faces.
So, you may be stuck on the couch, but why not plan your next vacation by checking out where these guys have gone? With any luck, you’ll find some inspiring spots to burn up those frequent flyer miles.
Tell us who your favorite Instagram travel photographers are, or post your Instagram travel photos on StyleCaster!

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