12 Jetsetters To Follow on Instagram

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12 Jetsetters To Follow on Instagram
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Instagram is a social media staple for anyone with a smartphone, but it’s also become a cool tool for pro photographers and amateurs alike who want to snap something on the go (rather than bust out their bulky cameras for every Kodak moment).
This list of travel-obsessed Instagrammers might drive you crazy with wanderlust, especially if you’re stuck at home instead of on vacation. Live vicariously through a student touring Belgium, get a birds-eye view of Europe from a pilot’s perspective, and peep a street style photographer whose lens sees beyond the pretty faces.
So, you may be stuck on the couch, but why not plan your next vacation by checking out where these guys have gone? With any luck, you’ll find some inspiring spots to burn up those frequent flyer miles.
Tell us who your favorite Instagram travel photographers are, or post your Instagram travel photos on StyleCaster!

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@tomypilot is — you guessed it — a pilot. So, not only do you get a bird's eye view of US cities like Chicago, but there are wild overhead shots of foreign destinations like Germany and Belgium on his feed, too.

Photo: @tomypilot/

@laurenkilberg is currently in India, but this passport stamp addict travels throughout Asia to other exotic places like Thailand and Cambodia.

Photo: @laurenkilberg/

Paul Dow is the editor of TravMonkey.com and founder of WorldTravelist.com, so needless to say, travel is kind of his thing. Follow him on Instagram as he snaps places like Copenhagen and London (he was lucky enough to get tickets to the Olympics!)

Photo: @travmonkey/

Vivek Chugh captures some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous sights around the world on Instagram, from waterfalls in Argentina to mountains in Bolivia. Of course we're jealous of the wild stuff he's seen, but at least we can play travel make-believe with his feed.

Photo: @vivekc71/

Instead of the usual landscape photos, Gavin Gough's images brings an intimate touch to his travel photography. The freelance travel photographer focuses as much on the daily lives of people in various countries as he does on buildings and landscapes.

Photo: @gavingough/

@tsirah aka Surya Jonckheere is a journalism student in the UK who's been lucky enough to travel to awesome places like Africa, India and Belgium. We have to say we are quite jealous, we never travelled that much in college.

Photo: @tsirah/

Robert Caplin is a photographer for the New York Times whose work takes him everywhere, but, it's his photos of places in our own backyard that we find interesting. It's like Caplin sheds a whole new light on American life.

Photo: @robertcaplin/

Ok, so Coco Rocha isn't a professional travel photographer, but everyone knows she's more than just a pretty face—she's a smart pretty face who, coincidentally, gets to travel all over the world. So, trust us when we say you want to check out all the cool places her supermodel bod has taken her.

Photo: @cocorocha/

Travel and lifestyle photographer Ken Kaminesky shoots for stock photo agencies like Corbis and Getty Images, so he definitely gets to travel to some cool places. From Iceland to Sweden, it seems like he's photographed every corner of the world.

Photo: @ken514/

H.J. Kaiser is a photographer based in Germany who travels around the globe with his wife, sharing their travels with the world on their Instagram account. What followers get is a couple's take on the world's most staggeringly cool sights. 

Photo: @hajoeka/

Jaunted is a forward-thinking travel site that combines on-the-fly Instagram shots with slick travel photography, so it's no surprise that they have an account themselves. The Jaunt team photographs every destination they visit, making its followers green with envy—but always eager for more. 

Photo: @jaunted/

Yvan Rodic — a.k.a. the Facehunter — didn't start out as a travel photographer, but his natural knack for getting striking images behind the lens goes beyond fashion. Yvan doens't just travel to snap beautiful people, he's capturing beautiful cities too.

Photo: @facehunter/

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