Talk About Fashion Lust: This Dress Becomes Transparent When You’re Sexually Aroused

Meghan Blalock

We’ve heard of having a lust for style, but Dutch tech-meets-fashion company Studio Roosegaarde has truly taken it to the next level. They’ve been working for years on a project whose most recent fruition is truly something to behold: a dress that goes from black to completely transparent when the wearer is sexually aroused.

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Fashion pieces that change color under the influence of heat are actually nothing new. In the ’80s, Hypercolor shirts and Freaky Freezies gloves were all the rage, and recently, Alexander Wang made a huge show of it during the finale of his Fall 2014 show in Brooklyn. Not to mention mood rings, which were around when Wang was still wearing diapers. But this dress is different because it’s not heat that causes the metamorphosis; it’s composed of plastics, copper, and e-foils, which measure the heartbeat of the wearer.
Depending on how excited a woman is, her heart will beat faster and faster, and the dress will become correspondingly more and more see-through.

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“The high-tech garments [titled] ‘Intimacy White’ and ‘Intimacy Black’ are made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people,” the agency’s website explains. While it’s true that a number of factors can influence a person’s heart rate, it seems true that Roosegaarde certainly had one specific kind of heart rate increase in mind when designing these beauties.

Head to the company’s site to learn more about the technology that goes into crafting these dresses!

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