Transformers Isabel Lucas, Jessica Biel and Lupe Fiasco to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro


Celebrities Isabel Lucas, Jessica Biel, and Lupe Fiasco will climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world, to bring attention to the massive clean water issues that face the planet. Over one billion people worldwide don’t have safe drinking water, an extremely large and overlooked population.

Fotunately, it is easy to help. With just the click of a mouse, you can donate to Summit on the Summit. Only one dollar provides 100 liters of clean and safe drinking water for 50 days.

The climb was started by Kenna, an Ethiopian born signer. Watch his video on, promoting the clean water climb. The climb will kick off in January 2010.


Jessica Beiel admits that she signed on when she learned about this problem, “This is a basic human necessity that needs to be addressed now.” She wants “to help any way I can in order to raise awareness toward the life-threatening clean water crisis happening not only in Africa but around the world.” Her boyfriend and hottie Justin Timberlake might also team up for the climb.

We’re pretty excited that celebrities are channeling their fame towards something other than the big screen, and starting to move mountains. Who else do think will sign up to climb for the cause?

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