Tracy Feith for Target!


Tracy Feith’s inspiration board for his upcoming collection for Target’s Go International line.

And Target just keeps on winning my heart. The mega-chain retailer has just announced that one of my go-to summertime designers, Tracy Feith, will be the next guest designer in their Go International line. When the weather gets warm, there’s nothing better than the beachy, vintagey surf-and-sun-inspired little dresses that Feith is famous for. And personally, I think his brightly patterned looks will translate especially well to less expensive line. The collection runs the gamut and includes everything from shorts to swimsuits, dresses to tops, and all for the lovely price points of $14.99 to $44.99.

The designer tells WWD, “The distribution is exciting, to have so many people exposed to the line. Certainly some people will know my name and others won’t. I see it as a limited edition, a very special opportunity for everybody, for people who can afford the clothes and those who can’t, especially with the way the economy is now.”

You can expect to see the collection–which features about 60 styles and 15 original prints– in stores beginning on May 17 through June 27 in Target stores nationwide and online at

Just in time for round two at the Surf Lodge.


The gift shop at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY, where Tracy Feith’s beachy designs are sold.

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