Tory Burch Chats Tips on Timeless Dressing


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Like ordering dessert la mode or watching Glee, shopping for spring and summer trends is a fun indulgence. Trends are a way to demonstrate that you are a fashion taste-maker. However, as you’re cutting off the bottom six inches of your t-shirt for a homemade cropped top (really, why would you pay for less of a shirt? definitely DIY) don’t neglect the anchoring staples of your wardrobe.

While you’re drunk on military jackets and floral prints, sober up your closet with a few timeless pieces to balance out the trendy items you indulged in this season. Fashion designer Tory Burch is known for incorporating prints into classic silhouettes for a more subtle introduction of trends into your closet. Check below for Tory Burch’s invaluable tips on how to dress with timeless elegance and three outfits inspired by the Tory Burch collection.

Outfit #1 Inspired by Tory Burch:
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Beige trench by A.P.C. ($460); Green floral print dress by Tory Burch ($465); Tortoiseshell sunglasses by MICHELE ($128); Red striped scarf by Brooks Brothers ($128); White cross-body bag by Kate Spade ($225); Beige round toe pump by Loeffler Randall ($450); Gold bangles by Amrita Singh ($100)

StyleCaster: What do you consider to be the staple wardrobe items to achieve a classic look?

Tory Burch: I really believe that women should wear what looks good on them and what reflects their personal style. That said, there are pieces that I think are universal looks that are seasonless, functional, and versatile.

1. A great jersey dress is flattering. I especially love printed looks.?
2. A jacket depending on your personal style it can be a more fitted blazer, a tweed look, or a looser knit. Either way, its perfect for layering with a dress, a t-shirt, etc.?
3. A slouchy t-shirt, whether embellished or not, is the ultimate American staple.?
4. A perfect pair of jeans. When you find a fit that works for you, stick with it. Jeans can be dressed up or down so easily.?
5. The right accessories. A roomy, well-made leather day bag is essential. Shoes are just as important chic pairs of heels and boots. Sunglasses are key, as well, and something you can wear year-round.?
6. For me, a bold piece of jewelry is a must-have. It can take your look to a whole new level no matter what youre wearing. It doesnt have to be an expensive, jewel-covered look. It can be an incredible costume piece that reflects your personality.???

Outfit #2 Inspired by Tory Burch:
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Navy and white striped blazer by Tory Burch; White t-shirt by T by Alexander Wang ($76); Yellow bib necklace by Rachel Leigh ($198); Dark denim skinny leg jeans by J Brand ($165); Pale pink ballet flats by Repetto ($235); Beige square sunglasses by Burberry ($210); Beige python embossed tote by MICHAEL by Michael Kors ($198)

SC: If you could only invest in one classic item, what would it be and why?

TB: A dress is so important. It can anchor your entire wardrobe. If its the right one, you can wear it all year long and just style it differently with a blazer and heeled boots or sandals and a bold cuff.

SC: Black, tan, white, and navy are usually considered the most classic colors. If you want to add a little color to your wardrobe, what color do you recommend and how would you incorporate it into an outfit?

TB: Color is very personal. What looks good on one person might not work on the next. When you find a color that complements you, there are so many ways to incorporate it. Start with simple touches, like a shoe, a bag, or a scarf. From there, you can add brighter ready-to-wear pieces like a cardigan or a dress. The great thing about a brighter hue is that you can always balance it with a neutral (blue, white, camel, etc.)??

Outfit #3 Inspired by Tory Burch:
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Gold earrings by Oscar de la Renta ($160); Navy blazer by Smythe ($585); White button up shirt by Edme & Esylite ($68); Blue print scarf by LOFT ($29.50); Straw and white tote by Tory Burch ($350); Red floral print skirt by Rebecca Taylor ($375); Tan sandals by Tory Burch ($395)

SC: What steps can a woman take to make sure her look is pulled together, but not dull?

TB: My best advice here is to, again, find the silhouettes that look best on you. When clothes fit right, you feel more confident and thats what translates.??

SC: It seems most classic pieces feel more suitable for the workplace. What are some casual classic pieces and how do you wear them on the weekends?

TB: There are some pieces that can translate from work to weekend, like a cardigan or a great blazer. When Im at home with my boys or relaxing with friends I usually wear jeans with a tunic, sweater, or t-shirt. Even when youre completely laid-back, you can still add a little something special an embellished t-shirt perhaps or an animal-print cardigan.

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