Tori and Dean: Spelling Back in the Hospital


Something strange has been going on in the Spelling/McDermott household as of late. It seems that a mysterious illness, playfully dubbed “The McDermott Family Bug” on Spelling’s Twitter, has taken hold of the Hollywood household, children included. This week alone, Spelling has been hospitalized twice because of the unknown sickness that has been plaguing the family for the last couple of weeks.

Below, Tori’s tweeting chronicles:

9:27 AM Sep 20th:
@deanracer has beenN severe abdominal pain all night& throwin up. Worried its a appendicitis. Trying2 convince him 2goto Urgent Care.Right?

4:05 PM Sep 20th:
@deanracer bloodwork ok&Cat Scan negative! YAY!He’s stillN alot of pain tho&low grade fever. Watchin Emmy’s Red Carpet arrivals frm ER tv.

7:34 AM Sep 21st:
Brought @deanracer hme last nite.Put him2 bed w/ gatorade&chickn broth.Kids were xcited 2 see us!LongDAY.Hve2 followUP w/stomach specialist.

10:25 PM Sep 21st:
Oh no! Liam got the same stomach virus. He started puking in his crib 2nite! POOR MONKEY! He’s now cozy in between me and @deanracer.

1:20 PM Sep 22nd:
W/@deanracer at stomach specialist although since it hit Liam last night 2 I’m sure he just had a stomach flu.Praying Stella doesn’t get it!

5:21 PM Sep 23rd:
@DENISE_RICHARDS all feeling little crappy still. Kids have bounced back.

10:32 AM Sep 24th:
Up all night w/worst migraine& then Stella threw up.She finally got The McDermott Family Bug!Now I’m bedridden w/migraine.Nothing is helpin!

Tweets since her September 24 post seem tame, but the New York Post reported today that Spelling was rushed to the hospital Monday night, released, and then brought back Tuesday night this week, which forced her to back out of her hosting gig for the West Coast Liberty Awards. Sounds like serious stuff. No conclusive determinations on the mystery sickness have been given.

For the family’s complete illness saga, check back to Spelling’s Twitter here.

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