Topshop Is Launching a Bridal Collection—And It’s Affordable!

Lauren Caruso
Topshop Bridal Collection
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

Topshop is launching bridal! Gowns will start at $650, and bridesmaids dresses with start at $160. [Memo]

See all the best street style from Couture Week. [Elle]

Mischa Barton has been hospitalized, though details surrounding why are unclear. [People]

Chrissy Teigen’s bruised legs look particularly painful, as one could imagine. [ET]

Cat Marnell is back. Take that as you will. [The Cut]

Lush’s new inclusive and adorable advertisement will make you insanely happy. [Glamour]

The photographer that Kylie allegedly copied is speaking out against her. [Teen Vogue]

Wet Seal has gone the way of The Limited: It’s shutting down the rest of its stores, making us wonder if anyone actually goes to the mall anymore. [Bustle]

Kristen Bell posted this adorable throwback photo of her and husband Dax Shepard. [E News!]

These seven weird signs you’re really unhealthy include how long your ring finger is and if you’re craving ice. Happy Friday! [Cosmopolitan]

This Vanity Fair Mexico cover is hilarious for so, so many reasons. [Mic]

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