Top Fashion Industry Tweets From The Oscars

Top Fashion Industry Tweets From The Oscars
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While The Oscars themselves were a total snooze-fest, I turned to my Twitter community to help me remain engaged in the theatrics. Turns out, there may be a handful of industry folks better suited to host next year’s awards! Instead of doing an Oscar play by play, I’ll provide you with a stream of consciousness similar to my own. Do you agree with these tweets?

Anne Hathaway and James Franco Photo: Gabriel Bouys, AFP

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@kristingallegos tells it like it is.

This kid was my favorite speech from the night. I watched his Twitter followers skyrocket from 100 to about 1,300 in less than 24 hours. I'm sure we'll seem him cast as as awkward social outcast in future flicks.

Hathaway was clearly overcompensating for her unenthusiastic counterpart. Unfortunately for her, it read a bit insincere.

It's something I've grown to expect from The Oscars. It's the Golden Globes that provide viewers with something to write home about. We can thank the constant flow of champers for that.

Seriously though, what was up with Reece's Barbie hair and umph-less dress? I'm all for an American Sweetheart, but girl I've seen better from you.

Totally! 90s alternative kids rejoice!

Did you guys catch that? I had the same thought. Looked like Bale forgot his wifey's name and used his acting skills to cough up a faux cry. Do you think he's gonna get it on the homefront?

Love me some Oprah, and I'm shocked that her slew of advisors allowed this.

Well. Said. Love the holler back moment to Oscars past. Clearly we needed drama from the past to make last night's tedious edition a little more enjoyable.

Cate Blanchett was the shining moment for the fashion community. Closest runner up was Mila Kunis, a new household favorite. Just wish she wasn't chewing gum on the red carpet. Tsk Tsk!

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