Flower Arranging 101: Celebrity Florist Eric Buterbaugh’s Top Tips

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molly sims Flower Arranging 101: Celebrity Florist Eric Buterbaughs Top Tips

Photo By Eric Kaufman

Flowers for charity? Sign us up. Molly Sims has partnered with L.A.-based online flower delivery service TheBouqs to raise money for Baby2Baby. The Bouqs Creative Director and florist to the stars Eric Buterbaugh created an arrangement of white hydrangeas and green solidago along with Sims with proceeds going Baby2Baby causes like giving thousands of families across the country essential baby gear and clothing.

Sims shared: “Designing a floral arrangement with the one and only Eric Buterbaugh, the chief floral designer for The Bouqs was so, so, so much fun!…Helping others in need, especially during the holidays is so important. I was happy to be a part of such a creative and rewarding charitable endeavor!”
We all aren’t lucky enough to have Buterbaugh on speed dial, so we had to ask this top florist to share his top arranging tips just in time for the holidays. Here are some key things to keep in mind.
Eric Buterbaugh’s Top 5 Flower Arranging Tips
1. Color Theory. “I love mixing shades of yellow, orange and burgundy,” Buterbaugh shared. “The colors are so rich for fall.”
2. Perfect Combination. “Mini Calla’s alone and mixed with roses [always works],” Buterbaugh says.
3. Winter Drama. “I grab vivid leaves and berries from the garden before the snow gets them and mix them into my arrangements to add a little drama,” Buterbaugh says.
4. Maintain Your Flowers. “Recut the stems diagonally every two days and change the water.”
5. Always, Always Remember. “Keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight.” 
The Bouqs Bundle of Joy flower arrangement, $40, thebouqs.com
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