Top Five Reasons Why Men Don’t Call Women Back


Men arent like women. You could say they’re more simple-minded or I guess guys would prefer to say they have their priorities straight. Either way though, one thing’s for sure they dont spend hours obsessing over everything they do. It would be nice if guys put as much thought into things (like dating) as women, but most often, they dont. They also dont send hidden messages they either like us or not. And if they do like you, trust me, youll know it.

Men tend to be visual creatures and fall in love with their eyes. If theyre into you, theyll want to see you again, but if they arent into you, chances are good that you won’t be getting a call back. If you find yourself falling into the latter category one too many times, here are a few reasons why you might think a date went well but subsequently never heard from the man again.

1. Zero Chemistry
Chemistry isn’t something that can be explained. A man can think a woman is beautiful, well-dressed, and very sweet, but for some reason he wont feel a connection with her. If theres no chemistry, the man wont give her a second chance. Men aren’t indecisive like women. More often than not they’re quick decision makers, so they’ll know from the first time they see someone if theyre into it. If there’s no chemistry, they’ll simply move on to the next lady.

2. Rudeness
Sometimes women forget their manners and act rudely on a date. Perhaps the guy wasn’t what you expected, so you think it’s okay to be rude to him. I personally hate when people tell me stories like this. Some of my friends will meet guys on JDate who turn out to be shorter and look different than in their online pictures so as a result, they act obnoxious. Well, if you act abominably towards someone, theres little chance he’ll call you back.

3. Lateness Isnt Tolerated
Men can’t stand women who are late. It rubs them the wrong way. Being late shows a lack of respect for the person youre meeting and says that youre inconsiderate. I always feel like an idiot when Im kept waiting, even if I’m not on a date. If you’re late to a first meeting with a guy, it can easily put things in a sour mood from the get-go and ruin your chances of getting that second phone call.

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4. Hes Just Not That Into You
Your date could have found you attractive and really fun, but he just didn’t have the sparks. It happens all the time. Sometimes men think women are fabulous, but the necessary attraction needed to foster a relationship is missing. Ive gone on many dates with really cute guys who are great catches, but still wasn’t into them, so even if you didn’t do anything wrong, there’s a chance your date may still not be into you. Don’t take it personally!

5. Choose Your Words Wisely
Men generally aren’t as sensitive as women, but they do get offended. Its important to always be nice on a first date. Kindness is contagious and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I certainly wouldnt want to go on a second date with someone that hurt my feelings. Insulting someone isnt sexy. So, if you say something that offends your date, don’t expect him to want to see you again.

Okay ladies, now that you know the main reasons why men dont call you back, accept it and move on. Dont be one of those girls who enjoys over analyzing everything and is guilty of texting a guy too often. Men dont like needy women, so if a guy doesnt call you back, forget about him. As the saying goes, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea!

What do you think of the reasons above? Let us know in the comments!

Carly Spindel is a writer and hopeless romantic. She is a world traveler who has lived in Paris and London. She resides in New York and is always on the go. She can usually be found at her favorite caf enjoying chocolate mousse while people watching, which is one of her favorite hobbies. Carly spends the rest of her time focusing on her five dearest past times: travelling, learning about different cultures, shopping, reading, and of course looking for Mr. Right.

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  • jenna

    I totally agree that there’s no reason to be rude to your date… chances are things will run more smoothly if you’re nice–but if he’s a jerk, just get out of there!

  • Elle

    I completely agree with #4. Without that initial spark the relationship can’t really go anywhere

  • Alexander Kaplan

    call you back? you mean, call you. period… its not like the woman called first…secondly – in today’s day n age so many women are horrible using the phone. To call a girl and get a text back is annoying…as you said – we’re generally more decisive than women which means we like quick responses…speaking to someone directly is way easier than waiting for a reply via text, which then transcends into a mountain of ‘back n forths’

    just pick up your damn phone and we’ll be more likely to call it. being busy is one thing, but ignoring a phone conversation for text (even if you like the guy) is incredibly annoying and quite frankly turns off a lot of guys… contrary to common belief, we don’t all like ‘the chase.’ If you’re a confident dude, you too, know that there a plenty of ‘fish in the sea.’

  • MT

    Being a guy, #3 for sure!

  • tish

    you must always choose what you say,men are very sensitive and can be easily offended.

  • Stella

    Gosh, I need help! What about the guy who seems totally interested in a woman but always asks HER to call HIM!!! How is this situation handled? He says he doesn’t want to bother me at work – so, would I call HIM when I have a break in my schedule. Then – on the week-end – he’ll text me and say, “Is this a good time for you to talk? Call me if you can!” What’s up with this type of guy??? I DON’T call him because this seems like he’s laying the groundwork for ME to chase HIM. Has anyone else ever had this problem with a guy and does it mean he’s really not interested in me?

  • Karen

    I think I pulled a #5. I need to filter my words before I say anything. Bummer.

  • Marie

    What about the guy who says he wants to get to know you first but all he does is text you? How do you get to know someone thru text. Or you make plans and he doesn’t show and then has the nerve to text you the next day with no apology but a lame excuse and want to see you again. Then gets upset because you decline. At least I have the guts to say no instead of standing someone up.

  • Susan

    I have dated this man on and off for two years. Early in the relationship, I stopped calling him because he never had time to talk. He then complained that I never called and told me to call whenever I wanted. Tried it again, and yep, he was too busy to talk about 99% of the time. I haven’t called him in six months and don’t plan to ever again! Too weird. Yes, it’s like his ego gets a boost when he’s “chased”. Now he just texts silly short comments to me. Way past time to move on!

  • no name

    It just sounds so one sided, however, I am usualy the one who is not interested.

  • mherlynmaxima

    some guyz living w/ a woman ’cause of sex so, some woman are playing w/them just like vice versa…mherlyn anya gem

  • mherlyn anya gem

    don’t cry to a man let them cry over you…

  • Dickmiester

    There’s only one reason why a guy won’t call you back: HE HAS NO INTEREST IN SEEING YOU AGAIN. Men will take you out, dine you, take you home, then leave the cab fare on the nightstand the next morning because from the beginning he just wanted to bang your sweet ass. And if he ever does call you back, it’s only because none of his other girl contacts are available for a booty call. C’mon ladies, get over yourselves.

    Also, call me sometime 623-876-1536 I’ll show you a good time ;)

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