The Top 25 Wine Blogs

The Top 25 Wine Blogs
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You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love wine. At the same time, the world of wine can at times seem mystifying, and dare we say it, snobby.
The top wine bloggers on the web luckily are doing a lot to change our perceptions of the wine industry, and wine in general, opening up wine to a new group of enthusiasts.
In an effort to cut down on the time you spend searching for the most informative of the wine blogs out there, we’ve put together a list of the top 25. We’ve taken into account amazing original content, loyal social followings, and most importantly creativity, when putting together this comprehensive list. From former wine journalists to winemakers turned bloggers, we all but guarantee this list has at least a few blogs you’re going to want to bookmark.
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  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    We've scoured the web to find the very best wine blogs out there. Here, the top 25 wine blogs. Happy reading (and sipping!).  

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Bacchus and Beery

    Why We Love It: Check out this site for its lengthy vineyard directory.   

    Aptly named after the Roman God of Wine, Roger and Donna Beery, the bloggers behind the site say, "We started our love affair with wine back in college." Head to this site for honest wine reviews, as well as to follow along with the couple's various wine adventures. Just be prepared to be a tad bit jealous.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Bigger Than Your Head

    Why We Love It: Unbiased wine reviews and tasting notes make this blog a gem.  

    Fredric Koeppel, behind Bigger Than Your Head, started his career as a wine journalist, before branching out onto this web with this blog. What makes this blog such a treasure is the abundance of unbiased reviews. We are also huge fans of Koeppel's "Wine of the Week" picks. His recommendations rarely let us down. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs


    Why We Love It: Get travel tips at this site geared towards winos and foodies. 

    Started by an American couple who picked up and moved to Spain, this blog is the ultimate resource for those who are curious about Spanish and Portuguese wines. The site is also chock full of great and helpful posts about food. One of our favorite recent posts was about the cultural nuances of butchering meat.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Courtney Cochran

    Why We Love It: Cochran acts as your personal sommelier, and what can beat that?

    Looking for cellar design and managment tips, as well as wine tasting ideas, than Courtney Cochran's wine blog should be your first stop. This is a true wine insider's blog, and Cochran, a certified sommelier and wine consultant based in San Francisco, takes readers on wine adventures that shouldn't be missed.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Dr. Vino

    Why We Love It: Wine recommendations paired with a unqiue historical perspective from an actual wine industry Ph.D. 

    Tyler Colman, call him Dr.Vino, has written several books about wine (one tells the backstory of the wine industry in France and America) and also teaches about wine. Colman says he tries over 1,000 wines a year, and his blog is chock full of fascinating wine industry news including a post about Charles Schumer of New York who wants the U.S. Postal Service to be able to ship wine.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs


    Why We Love It: One of the most respected information sources on Greek wines.  

    Greek wine insider Markus Stolz says, "For the first 15 years of my personal wine journey, I concentrated heavily on wines from France, Italy, and Australia. After I moved to Greece in 2003, I started tasting many of the locally grown grape varieties. The new flavours and aromas available were soon captivating me." That journey let him to creating one of the web's ultimate resources on Greek wines. Elloinos is a fascinating look at one particular wine region, which really sets it apart from other wine blogs. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    The Feiring Line

    Why We Love It: An advocate for "natural wine", Alice Feiring's wit and knowledge make this site a must-read.

    Alice Feiring writes on her blog that her wino college roommate led her to being interested in wine. We are glad that she did. Head to The Feiring Line for everything from posts about the wine shortage (or the bogus wine shortage according to Feiring) to whether you should tip your sommelier. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Fermentation - The Daily Wine Blog

    Why We Love it: Media, culture, and wine come together on this blog. 

    Tom Warker began his career as a wine marketer and publicist. Wark, who lives in Napa, is now a wine consultant, and blogs about everything from wine shipping laws to his take on the lack of solid and reported wine writing. Wark's insider's take on the industry isn't to be missed.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    The Gray Report

    Why We Love It: Find musings on wine and food without pretension here.  

    Created by a former writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, consider The Gray Report your source on everything from new wine e-commerce sites (like the hip Naked Wines) to whether there is a reason $7 wine is better than $.250 wine. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    In a Nutshell: Wine reviews and intruiging interviews all accompanied by lovely illustrations and photos.

    One of our favorite resources for wine reviews on the web, this blog, Elaine Chukan Brown, who lives in Sonoma, California, states on her blog that "her primary goal is always to witness the life in front of her, be it in the person or the glass." Book reviews, wine reviews, and interviews with wine insiders, make Brown's blog a true source for wine enthusiasts. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Natalie Maclean

    Why We Love it: Maclean's extensive website includes wine reviews along food pairing ideas. 

    As MaClean writes on her blog, "You're in the liquor store looking at a wall of bottles. Don't panic, I'm here to help."  What we love about Maclean's blog is that it is aimed at any and all wine drinkers (not just the experts) looking to buy great wines, find bargain wines, and make food pairings. Maclean's advice is always spot on, and she even has a mobile shopping app, so you can take her shopping lists with you wherever you go.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    New York Cork Report

    Why We Love It: This very specific wine blog is dedicated to all things New York wine. 

    The wine industry in New York State is definitely growing, and New York Cork Report is along for the ride, chronicling its rise. We love the blog's profiles of local vineyards, along with their informative posts like what wine to serve on Thanksgiving.


  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    1 Wine Dude

    Why We Love It: A humorous and decidedly not snobby approach to wine? This blog is easy to love. 

    With the tag line "A Serious Wine Blog for the Not-So-Serious Drinker" Joe Roberts' blog is chock full of educational and entertaining posts and reviews. We particularly love his 140 character and under tasting notes he shares via Twitter and then compiles on his blog. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Palate Press

    Why We Love It: Go on tours of the world's greatest vineyards here. 

    More of an online magazine than a blog, expect beautiful photos here, along with essays like "When Is Wine Art?" along with in-depth looks at particular regions like Bordeaux. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    The Reverse Wine Snob

    Why We Love It: Get the lowdown on the best wines for the best prices here. 

    Who doesn't love wine, but at the same time not many of us love spending a bundle drinking it. That is where Jon Thorsen's blog The Reverse Wine Snob comes in. Thorsen has dedicated his blog to sharing fabulous wines under $20. We've come to learn that his picks are the gold standard, not to mention have saved us tons of money. This is a must bookmark. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs


    Why We Love It: The amazing deal finder section is reason enough to read this blog daily.

    Explore wine picks divided by grapes, regions, and wineries, while getting suggestions from the site's editors and taking part in "digital tastings" via video. This informative site is a must-read.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Steve Heimoff

    Why We Love It: Written by an influential wine writer and a California wine expert, this site is a must bookmark.

    Steve Heimoff, a veteran of Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast is behind one of our favorite wine blogs on the web. Find articles here like his report card on 2012 vintages along with his musing on California Pinot Noir, and just hope that some of Heimoff's wine knowledge rubs off on you in the process of reading. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog

    Why We Love It: If you are looking for news from the wine world this should be your first stop.

    One of the most informative wine blogs on the web, David White covers both reviews and wine industry news on the Terroirist. It is no wonder that the site was named “Best Overall Wine Blog” at the 2013 Wine Blog Awards.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    VineSleuth Uncorked

    Why We Love It: This is the perfect resource for wine novices.

    Amy Gross writes that her blog is for "casual wine drinkers who are looking to have fun, learn more, and enjoy delicious wine." Sign us up. Come to VineSleuth Uncorked for everything from wine and food pairing ideas, to wine classes like "To Decant or Not to Decant? That is the Question!" 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs


    Why We Love It: Your go-to blog for wine news and book reviews written by a handful of respected wine journalists.  

    Featuring wine and sake reviews, restaurant reviews, wine news, and so much more, this site is an incredible wine resource. Some of our favorite recent posts have included where to find wine treasures in Vienna and a post about fake wine in China.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    The Wine Anorak

    Why We Love it: Come here for comprehensive reviews on wine and its producers.   

    Created by UK-based wine journalist Jamie Goode, this site features everything from tasting notes to Goode's various wine travel adventures, like exploring Chile. Yes, we wouldn't mind living a day in Goode's wine filled life, but we'll happily settle for bookmarking his blog.

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Wine Camp Blog 

    Why We Love It: A look at wine and winemaking from the perspective of a Napa Valley winemaker.  

    This blog is the brainchild of an actual Napa Valley winemaker, who also happens to have a background in photojournalism. Naturally, the photos here are gorgeous, but we particularly love this insider's perspective on everything from the wine harvest to how wine is actually made. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Wine Oh.Tv

    Why We Love It: Everything you want to know about what's happening in wine today, all with the help of instructional videos.

    Want to know more about wine? Then this should be one of your first stops. From creative wine and food pairing ideas to ideas for traveling in Tuscany while wine tasting to how winemakers actually make wine, we can't get enough of this site's content. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs

    Wine Peeps

    Why We Love It: Calculate the quality-to-price ratios of wines around the world thanks to the blog. Enough said.

    The editors of this site are big fans of blind tastings, and share their findings and picks with their loyal set of readers. Their picks on great wines under $10 make this site a must bookmark. 

  • The Top 25 Wine Blogs


    Why We Love It: Want to simply increase you knowledge of wine? This is the place to do just that. 

    Created by Stephen Tanzer, the editor and publisher of the bimonthly International Wine Cellar, find posts here on topics like the best bold wines for cold-weather dishes and Spain's bargain white wines. Given that Tanzer attests to "spend[ing] several weeks to several months on the road each year, visiting wineries and tasting thousands of wines annually with their makers," we more than trust his opinion. 

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We've scoured the web to find the very best wine blogs out there. Here, the top 25 wine blogs. Happy reading (and sipping!).  

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