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Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong


Aesthetic plastic surgery is performed to enhance or restore one’s appearance through medical and surgical procedures. This practice has become the drug of choice to many celebrities who go under the knife andis best demonstrated recently by junkie Heidi Montag, who claims she has an addiction to plastic surgery along with her substance abuse of dumb boyfriends. While many of these celebs undergo plastic surgery in order to transform into a better and more desirable version of themselves (well a tighter, bigger breasted, fuller-lipped version of themselves), sometimes the results are anything but desirable.

To illustrate examples of celebrity plastic surgeries gone wrong, here are 12 celebs that should go on the cosmetic surgery wall of shame:

1. Carrot Top
87733 1265823762 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Carrot Top’s transformation definitely makes our list. We can only wonder — are those eyebrow tattoos?

2. Joan Rivers
87735 1265824456 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Joan Rivers’ motto is “Better a new face coming out of an old car than an old face coming out of a new car.” We normally agree with your fashion verdicts, Joan, but this time we have to disagree.

3. Bruce Jenner
87736 1265824906 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages:
Oh Bruce, you are one of our favorites on Keeping Up With the Kardashians so we won’t hold it against you, but you looked ten times better prior to your surgical stint.

4. Dolly Parton
87737 1265825329 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
The country signer’s transformation has got us singing, “Goodbye Dolly.”

5. Donatella Versace
87790 1265836642 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Although the designer took her makeover a bit too far, we still love the clothes she puts onto the runway.

6. Heidi Montag
87739 1265826213 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Montag is officially the poster child for bad celebrity plastic surgery. Why Heidi, why?!

7. Michael Jackson
87740 1265826740 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages:
A list of plastic surgery blunders is not complete without the King of Pop. RIP MJ.

8. Pamela Anderson
87744 1265828195 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Beach Babe Pam Anderson is infamous for her large breasts, but we think they looked pretty good to begin with.

9.Tara Reid
87753 1265829113 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages: and
Inspiration to young girls everywhere to stay sober. Granted there are some simple beauty tips she should remember.

10. Melanie Griffith
87762 1265830237 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages:
This is a classic case of celebrities taking it too far. Melanie Griffith looked great — oh, 12 botox injections ago.

11. Jocelyn Wildenstein
87770 1265830734 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone WrongImages:
More feline than female, this makeover has dubbed Jocelyn Wildenstein the “Cat Lady” — and rightly so.

12. Amanda Lepore
87773 1265830814 Top 12 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong
Amanda Lepore (or should we say Armand Leopre) began life as a man, but he has officially become a she — but might we add, not a very good looking one. We have no more words.

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  • Bubbles

    I have to say that i cant get enough of jocelyn. pam anderson well, she still looks fine.

  • tara hale

    they all should have left there bodies alone because well look at them now !omg

  • Roville Sarate

    It’s very important to choose the right surgeons to do a procedure. It’s a shame for some celebrity though whom can’t be contented with their looks. :) =D

  • @ james clottey

    One should be contented with what god has given them to begin with.

  • precious

    embrance what god has given you, after all natural beauty is Gods perfection of his master piece and we should treasure it. Dont attempt sugery you are beautiful in your own way and remember there is only one you and people should love you for who you are not what you are. If they dont love you for who you are then know that they have problems with who they are.

  • ruth kinyanta

    100% with you precious.god gave it to you alone so there can be a unique you why attempt sugery. no one is ugly in this world the secret is how you present yourself to the world. aging is not a caurse but a blessing. be proud of who you are and be confindent.

  • sophie

    this so bad why do this

  • patrick

    of all the failures Jocelyn looks terrible , poor Jocelun…
    what s wrong with Heidi Montag ???she s still beautiful…

  • justuswashington

    Michael Jackson is a is 1 of the greatest singers ever i wanna get surgery to look like him.

  • antony peters

    how sad to see all these celebrities misled. let nature which is God,s domain take over. don’t ever mess with it, because we have no part of it

  • Dr.O.P.Yadava

    Plastic Surgery/Rhinoplasty is really NOT a boon pf the modern day surgery,rather it has created a false sense of enhancing beautification against the norms of nature.In India,a number of girls searching beauty have suffered terribly and have lost even their lives.A small mistake NOT only bdefaces the whole look but also leaves an irrepairable scar.

  • vigyan

    pammela looking hot..

  • Rajesh

    Awful!do they ever learn?

  • Marc

    this is not a fair comparison
    the photos on the left are when the celebrities were in their prime! while the plastic surgery might have happened YEARS/DECADES later

    very misleading

  • Michelle

    Jocelyn Wildenstein looks terrifyingly FEROCIOUS!!!! She should have by far been #1.

  • tiffany

    this all crazy

  • noor

    wtf ?? amanda !!!!!!!

  • noor

    wtf amanda ?!!!



  • Kidd

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  • Brandee

    Seriously, why would they do this to themselves? Many of them looked better before they decided to start screwing with their face! I mean…get a boob job or fix your teeth, but to mess with your eyes and lips, or even put ALL of that Botox into your cheeks, etc. is insanely nasty looking. It looks more like they should be in a wax museum, like the movie with Paris Hilton. Set fire to them and the skin will melt away.

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