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Top 10 Twitters of 2011: @Bergdorfs, @JohnJannuzzi & More

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  • For the daily antics of fashion @DKNY tops our list -- she's not only smart, she does it all in 6 inch heels.

    Followers: 371,000+

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  • Make sure to follow @iamsamlim to see what it's like being the editor-in-chic of an online magazine. Scroll through her timeline for coverage of events and her daily life.

    Followers: 3,300+

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  • To be in the know about men's fashion and other cool things follow the brother site to Gilt, @parkandbond. Need some dressing advice? They're a go-to Twitter.

    Folllowers: 4,300+

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  • @ElizandJames keeps us all going with great music inspiration and more insider access to one great brand and the PR behind it. They're also one of the friendliest brands on Twitter.

    Followers: 41,000+

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  • @JohnJannuzzi is a personal favorite of mine. He takes us all behind the scenes of what it's like to work at Lucky. He's got an insane amount of sass that keeps the whole fashion world chuckling. Oh, and his tweets have nothing to do with his employer.

    Followers: 12,000+

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  • Want to know what it's like to chat with Oscar de la Renta? Or the stress of doing show seating come fashion week? Then @OscarPRGirl is your girl.

    Followers: 98,000+

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  • The lady behind Glamour magazine's Twitter keeps us all laughing. She's short, sweet and cute as button. @sbz is an absolute must-follow.

    Followers: 2,700+

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  • Imagine one store touching the hearts of the world? Well @Bergdorfs makes this feat possible. From tweeting about the newest products to her life in the big city -- we give you another must follow.

    Followers: 87,000+

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  • From tweeting pictures of her outfits to live tweets from some of the best shows during Fashion Week, @manrepeller is a necessity for any timeline. 

    PS- Congrats on your engagement girl!

    Followers: 52,000+

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Top 10 Twitters of 2011: @Bergdorfs, @JohnJannuzzi & More

Top 10 Twitters of 2011: @Bergdorfs, @JohnJannuzzi & More

We fashion folk are constantly on the move. Running from appointment to appointment and show to show we hardly ever have time to check in on what’s going on. That’s why we rely on some amazing Twitters. Not only do they keep us in the know, but they keep us laughing as well.

From the music inspirations provided by@ElizandJames to the menswear musings of@ParkandBond we thought we’d round up the top 10 Twitters of 2011.

Got anyone you think should be added? Let us know in the comments sections below!

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