Top 10 Fashion Industry Tweets from This Week


1. @fuggirls

The longstanding fashion mavens with the sharpest tongues in the business have kept us going through fashion mishaps at awards shows and red carpet events. They’re famous for breaking down a celebs fashion dont until they need to go on public-appearance hiatus. Thankfully, said celeb doesnt usually return to the red carpet without a new stylist and a more expensive therapist.

@fuggirls Dear No Strings Attached, no one in the world ever uses the phrase sex friends. Why is your tagline pre-censored for basic cable? J

2. @AskMrMickey

Mr. Mickey, Editorial Director of Paper Magazine, gives us all the details, from inside fashion parties to magazine shoots and reality television. Personal confession: when Im bored on the subway and I dont have cell service, I pass the time reading the good and always lively fashion word from Mr. Mickey.

Mr. Mickey tells us how to stay chic in this God-awful weather; you paint a pretty picture MM!

@AskMrMickey I might need some real snow boots. My hot pink ladies CHANEL plastic rain boots are too snug on my chubby feet! But theyre jadorable

3. @formichetti

Nicola Formichetti is jazzed about his new post as Creative Director for Thierry Mugler (and rightfully so). Just how do you get admitted to the most heavily anticipated fashion show of Paris Mens Fashion Week? Nicola gives us the down and dirty truth.

@formichetti #mugler show at 6p.m. its a very small limited space BUT i will try to let you in if you look cool !!!

4. @Fordmodels

Tweeting from inside one of the most influential modeling agencies in the world, @Fordmodels provides us with a consistent stream of info detailing the careers of its amazing portfolio of faces

From behind the scenes at the Mens Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 show, @Fordmodels keeps it real.

@Fordmodels Also enjoyed hearing a bit of banter at Bottega between a top hair and top makeup artist. People in fashion are mortal despite greatness.

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller

5. @ManRepeller

Leandra Medine of Man Repeller is not afraid to stay true to herself and home girl would never chuck a pair of drop-crotch pants just to attract a man. Shes all the rage, and shes funny as hell. If youre not following her, I suggest you catch up to and jump on the bandwagon. You dont want to be the last at the party, right?

If youre going to follow @ManRepeller, get with the lingo. She calls these fantastically large hair bows lady bowners. A surefire way to ward off even the most determined male suitors.

@ManRepeller Talk about perpetual lady bowners.

6. @derekblasberg

Derek Blasberg, renowned fashion writer and New York Times best-selling author, never skips a beat. With access to the industrys most elite parties, shows and a string of insider friends he lets us know exactly where we should be dying to be.

The truth about Gallianos latest mens collection.

@WOW! What a memorable Galliano show! I mean, apart from the GAYEST COSTUME PARTY EVER, its completely unwearable. But truly a fashion moment

7. @hanukhanuk

A true industry staple, famous for kissing everyone in fashion. He pontificates on his latest man crushes, tells us who he thinks is dreamier than the dreamiest, reflects on heartbreak and moves on to his next man crush! Oh, and he is also one of my favorite party paparazzi! Sometimes youll find yourself scratching your head, but thats the beauty of it all.

@hanukhanuk Jeremy irons always looks so perverted and it makes me want to show him my boobs

And another one for good measure:

@hanukhanuk oh my dog! The bartender at the Automatic Slims is a god!

8. @dmmwitted

I find myself LOLing all over the place when I arrive at dmmwitteds feed. This guy is no holds barred and pee-your-pants funny. Bonus: he comes to us from inside one of the biggest PR agencies around.

@dmmwitted OMG just saw Donatella at JFK. Amazing. Surprised there isnt like Air Versace One or something

Natalie Joos and Julia Restoin Roitfeld at The Standard

9. @Jxxsy

Natalie Joos is one of the most highly regarded casting directors. She is hot on the scene, and she shares her friends with the world! Lucky for us, Natalie keeps us in the loop with posts on her blog Here her fabulous friends play dress up in vintage finds.

Hanging with Julia Restoin Roitfeld at The Standard

@Jxxsy Ice skating on Friday night!! Im in tears!

10. @carlscrush

The funny guy always wins in my book. Michael Carl, Allure’ sFashion Director,tweets about sports, fashion and his bizarre love/hate obsession with bagels.

@carlscrush Overheard get me a diet coke, Im starving!

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