Top 10 Celebrity Home Decor Pinterest Boards To Follow

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Top 10 Celebrity Home Decor Pinterest Boards To Follow
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While celebrities can hire an interior decorator to create their dream home without even having to lift a finger, some actually enjoy digging around and finding unique sources of inspiration, while others even have inventive ideas of their own.
Thanks to Pinterest, we can get some intel on the decorating tastes of stars like Jessica Alba, Diane Keaton and Ryan Seacrest, while getting some fresh ideas for our own spaces in the process.  After all, celebs get to traverse the globe, and are constantly exposed to the best of the best, so it’s hardly surprising they’ve amassed some interesting ideas with regards to interior design.
We’ve culled together a list of ten celebrity home decor Pinterest boards we think you’ll enjoy following, so take a look and tell us what you think.
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From Lauren Conrad to Ryan Seacrest (yes, we could barely believe it either) you are going to want to follow these Pinterest boards created by celebrities for plenty of home decor inspiration. 

Diane Keaton

"Love all that empty space,!!! I LOVE," reads Keaton's caption for this sleek image on her "Interiors" board, and we couldn't agree more. Clearly, the Annie Hall actress' predilection for minimalist fashion extends to her decorating taste, as her beautifully curated images consist mainly of high-ceilinged, un-cluttered, very Scandinavian-esque spaces that are thoroughly modern. 

Alicia Silverstone

Perusing her Pinterest "Home" board, and it's imimediately clear that Silverstone's home decorating choices share nothing in common with Cher Horowitz' mansion in Clueless. Instead, the devoted vegan (she even wrote a vegan cookbook) prefers rustique-inspired rooms and furnishings with plenty of different textures. This low to the ground bed, with all its pillows and lush throws appears so warm and cozy, we don't think we'd ever be able to get up in the morning. 

Jessica Alba

Aptly called "Dream House", one of Alba's Pinterest board is replete with oasis-like interiors that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. We certainly would love to take a bath and lookout onto the ocean.

Katherine Heigl

The Knocked Up actress isn't starring in as many films as she used to these days, which means more time to dedicate to her Pinterest board, "A Beautiful Home". We suggest you check it out, as its filled with inexpensive, easy to replicate decorating ideas, like the colorful Easter egg and floral bouquet arrangement shown above—how genius! 

Katie Couric 

The daytime talk show host appears to have a thing for kitchens if we're to glean anything from her "Decor I Heart" board. Couric clearly favors large, airy kitchens made up mostly of white wood offset by dark hardwood floors and other rustic touches in the form of lighting or knobs. Of course, it's a great source of inspiration for other rooms as well, especially if you love the color white and modern-meets-rustique interiors.  

Nina Garcia

As Marie Claire's Creative Director and Project Runway judge, Garcia certainly has an eye for detail, and it shows on her stunning "Homes" board that's utterly awe inducing. She clearly favors clean, modern architecture, and rooms with insane views. One thing's for sure: all those never-ending swimming pools and lush gardens are making us wish we were on vacation somewhere far, far away. 

Lauren Conrad

Similar to her clothing style, Conrad's decor preferences are decidedly girly, with plenty of pastels, florals and polka-dots to go around. The picture shown above happens to have neither, but it's so quirky, we couldn't help but find it delightfully irresistible. 

Oprah Winfrey 

We're not in the least bit surprised a purple room appears on Oprah's "Rooms We Love Board", since the venerable host was in the movie A Color Purple. Other pins are less color heavy, and definitely worth a glance. 

Ryan Seacrest 

"Nowwhere Like Home" is great if you're a fan of out-of-the-box decorating ideas, which Seacrest seems to be. He captioned the above image with "saw two chairs in half, affix them to your wall, show friends your artsy new coat racks," and while we can only guess how hard it must be to DIY, we're totally into the idea. 

Tori Spelling

"Dwell" is a great destination for nursery inspiration, along with being a source of ideas for anyone who simply likes rusique-chic rooms with plenty of colorful accents. Zig-zag prints, pastel colors, original storage ideas, and uplifting quotes abound on this fun and warm decorating board. 

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