Top 10 Asian Models: The Girls On Our Radar

Top 10 Asian Models: The Girls On Our Radar
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In an industry that has largely ignored Asian models in the past, designers and creative directors alike are forgoing fair-skinned blondes, and instead employing a more diverse lineup. 2010 saw a change in the model tide, and beyond industry anchors like Filipina Anna Bayle, Tina Chow and former Angelina Jolie-flame Jenny Shimizu, the runways are evolving with new names from the far east to watch out for.

The trend of incorporating global markets isn’t only to keep accusations of political incorrectness at bay anymore. Rather, the world is taking note of the strikingly rare features found overseas. US Vogue‘s December issue affectionately declared that the recent prominence of Asian models is “redefining traditional concepts of beauty,” and we like to think the progression’s here to stay. Step aside Lindsey and Abbey Lee, there’s a new bunch of girls in town! Literally they’re staying in New York for Fashion Week.

You’ve been warned.

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