• With soaring cliffs that
    drop into bright blue waters, St.Tropez is a playground for jetsetters, fashion models and
    millionaires. With famous fans including the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, even a quick trip to the grocery store feels posh.

    Photo: /Flickr: Dr Catherine
  • Both a summer oasis and a cozy winter haven, the luxury villas of St. Barts are familiar stomping grounds for the mega-rich. Not only is
    the scenery picturesque, but an array of top dining and designer shopping establishments give the hot spot A-list appeal.

    Photo: /Flickr: Andries3
  • A longtime favorite of outdoorsy celebs, Aspen's spectacular scenery makes it a no-brainer for a second (or third, or fourth) home. With great skiing in the colder months and lush greenery through the summer, a house here means that you'll be neighbors with Jack Nicholson, Cher and Michael Douglas. 

    Photo: /Flickr: outdoorPDK
  • We can practically hear violins playing whenever we look at the steep cliffs and dramatic architecture of Sorrento, Italy, which found some famous literary fans in the likes of Lord Byron, Keats, Goethe, and Walter Scott. Fortunately, being a famous novelist isn't a prerequisite for buying real estate in this picturesque town.

    Photo: /Flickr: S J Pinkney
  • Do you have a thing for pristine natural beauty and glittering, crystal-blue waters? Yeah, we thought so. Some
    know St John as the “Beverly Hills of the Caribbean”— and they’re not wrong. In terms of exclusivity and ritzy nightlife, St John is second to none.

    Photo: /Flickr: Navin75
  • Clam bakes, fresh-caught lobster, and harbors teeming with white sails have been enchanting Cape Cod vacationers for as long as anyone can remember. This past August Taylor Swift made the rounds around Hyannis Port.

    Photo: /Flickr: chickoo
  • Right off of California's most famous stretch of Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu caters to mega-millionaires as well as ranchers, surfers, and even a few farmers. With pristine beaches, top-notch restaurants and winding trails through the mountains, vacationers are never short on activities.

    Photo: /Flickr: tensaibuta
  • With dramatic rocky beaches and jaw-dropping, old-world architecture (don't miss a tour of the Newport Mansions), a trip to Newport feels like journey back to a glitzier, ritzier time, when ladies wore strands of pearls down to the waist and gentlemen were required to wear white dinner jackets.

    Photo: /Flickr: sebastien.barre
  • With shingled cottages, private beaches and mopeds to rent around the island, the laissez faire pace of Nantucket life makes it an irresistible escape for city dwellers. And though it may seem all lobster tails and brewskies, its Shipwreck & Life-Saving Museum offers a glimpse into its famous seafaring history.

    Photo: /Flickr: eoringel
  • With warm weather all year round, the Florida Keys strike the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement, with pristine beaches and bustling nightlife. Best of all, it's the birth place of the ultimate summer treat—the Key Lime Pie.

    Photo: /Flickr: jimbrickett

Toniest Locales To Buy A Vacation Home

Toniest Locales To Buy A Vacation Home

Toniest Locales To Buy A Vacation Home
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Nothing says “I’m number one” quite like house number two…or three, or four.
Just ask celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Naomi Campbell, several famous folks who escape their crazy schedules with the aid of a countryside or beach retreat.
So why not take a cue from the world’s most experienced vacation-home shoppers? From Nantucket to St. Barts, these relaxing destinations are practically begging to become your second address.
What would be your dream destination for a second home? Tell us in the comments!

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