Want: A Tongue-In-Cheek Weekend Tote

Liz Doupnik

screen shot 2012 11 08 at 6 05 41 pm e1352416720108 Want: A Tongue In Cheek Weekend Tote

What: This perfect everyday carry-all is big enough to hold your gym clothes, a bottle of water, your makeup, and any other necessities you may need—and it’s also pro bacon, egg, and cheese.

Why: Sometimes, when you’re still emerging from a late-night haze, one wants something that telegraphs “buzz off” to all onlookers—though with a wink and a smile, of of course. Or, frankly, sometimes one just wants a colorful, cheery tote to carry around on an otherwise gray Sunday. Either way, we’d suggest this Kate Spade stunner.

How: This bag cries for a low-maintenance look composed of comfortable jeans, cozy sweatshirt, and big, big sunglasses.

Tequila Is Not My Friend Terry, $248; at Kate Spade

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