Tom Hiddleston’s Instagram Taken Over By Hackers

Tom Hiddleston’s Instagram Taken Over By Hackers
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And now, for something completely different: Tom Hiddleston‘s Instagram account was hijacked by hackers today. Once so unfamous that he didn’t even have an Instagram, he’s now so well-known thanks to his recent relationship hijinks—oh yeah, he’s dating Taylor Swift, in case you hadn’t heard—that he’s become the target of internet hackers. Guess his password wasn’t so hard to decode. 

Instagram / Tom Hiddleston

Instagram / Tom Hiddleston

Red flags went up when followers started noticing things like bizarre little videos, a Snapchat code for some rando, and screenshots of weird IG accounts. The Instagram pirates controlled his account for about two hours, spamming left and right.

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His “following” count also went up—at one point, he was watching 20 other accounts, instead of his usual list of 11 (which normally includes, of course, his fake girlfriend Taylor Swift). The hackers also posted a pic that pledged to eventually restore account access back to its rightful owner, according to E! News.

The hijackers stayed good on their promise: Order has been restored. There are now four boring photographs on Hiddleston’s page; no more, no less. Just the way he likes it.

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