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Tips from La Perla on How to Shop for Lingerie, Plus Pics from Our Party at the Label’s New Store!

Tips from La Perla on How to Shop for Lingerie, Plus Pics from Our Party at the Label’s New Store!

Tips from La Perla on How to Shop for Lingerie, Plus Pics from Our Party at the Label’s New Store!
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Valentine’s Day means heart-shaped candies, expensive chocolates, fancy dinner reservations, and—of course—gorgeous lingerie. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with La Perla, a brand famous for its gorgeous, lacy underpinning.

Set against the backdrop of New York Fashion Week, we hosted an exclusive shopping party with La Perla to celebrate the label’s glamorous new Soho outpost on West Broadway, where guests spent the evening sipping champagne and snapping up fabulous lingerie—both for a special someone and just for themselves!

Here, Jennifer Holmes, La Perla’s director of retail, gives us the inside scoop on the most popular pieces at La Perla right now, as well as how to find the perfect, splurge-worthy lingerie.

StyleCaster: Do men still come into your stores to splurge on something for their wives and girlfriends, or is it mostly women looking to splurge on themselves?
Jennifer Holmes: Both.  Many of our clients are men shopping for their wives or girlfriends – some men know the exact sizes and styles they’re looking for, while others play it safe with classic styles like babydolls or silk robes – with these pieces they can get away with not knowing sizes too.

What’s the most popular piece at La Perla right now?
Our Maison babydoll is a classic piece, and always in style.  It’s silk satin with hand made frastiglio detail on the neckline and thin straps that flatter any shape.  The champagne color is flattering on all skin tones and truly elegant in design.

Are most women really probably wearing the wrong size bra? How often do you women come into La Perla thinking they’re one size and walking out with something else?
Yes, most women tend to think they’re a certain size because it’s what they’ve always worn.  Our fit specialists know which styles work for different shapes, and always offer to size clients if it looks like they need to be re-fit.  More often than not, women will come in wearing one size, and leave wearing another.  Since we are a fashion company our bras tend to fit differently season to season based on the lace we use and the design that season so women should always be open to trying on different sizes.  Every bra fits differently.

If you have to splurge on one item, what should it be?
Every woman should own a fun, sexy set.  Popular sexy styles are sheer demi bras with embroidered lace detail and matching thong.  For a more fun splurge, busiters and bodysuits in sheer tulle with lace details are a must.

What should one never skimp on when it comes to underpinning?
A matching set. Whether it’s basic or fashion, it’s important for women to always be matching!

Are there any big trends that you see developing in the lingerie world, or are the classics pretty much the classics every year?
The classics will always be the classics, but each season there is usually a new piece introduced that is timeless and a must have. This season for us it’s the silk soutache collection designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and our Creative Director Giovanni Bianci.  The entire collection is very fashion forward and a must have!

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