Thug Life: Charting Rihanna’s Various Tattoos

Spencer Cain
Thug Life: Charting Rihanna’s Various Tattoos
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People have an absurd fascination with Rihanna‘s tattoos. (Perfect example, someone on our own staff actually has one of them inked on their neck and weirdly gets compliments on it all the time). Well yesterday, she took to her Twitter to show off her latest inkage — the words “Thug Life” etched across her knuckles as a tribute to the late Tupac Shakur.

This is one of many controversial tattoos that the singer has gotten over the years. When she debuted a photo of a gun across her ribcage, people basically freaked out and thought it was irresponsible — especially in light of her whole Chris Brown scandal. Whether you like the ink or not, one thing is clear: Rihanna is no longer the sweet, innocent Barbadian princess she once was when she burst onto the scene way back in the day.

Anyway, in honor of her celebration of “thug life” (East Coast, West Coast — take your pick), click through the gallery above for a look back at Rihanna’s many tats. We can assure you the list is ever-growing by the minute…

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These musical notes were allegedly Rihanna's first dabble in the ink pond. 

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