How To Throw a Cocktails and Candy Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Leah Bourne

classic new years eve im1 How To Throw a Cocktails and Candy Themed New Years Eve PartyWant to throw a killer New Year’s Eve party without breaking the bank? If anyone has the recipe it is LA-based public relations guru Lara Shriftman, and also the author of Party Confidential. If anyone knows how to throw a darn good party it is Shriftman. Her suggestion to wow your friends and family is with a cocktails and candy themed bash. We love that her suggestions are both memorable and easy to do-yourself!
1. Get the Right Guest List:“Always invite more than expected, to compensate for people who don’t come…Create the invites, thank you notes, and social stationery at the same time so everything is sent out in a timely manner.”
2. Keep the Decor Simple: “Choose a color scheme — my most recent color pairing was black-and-white with pops of pink and gold, inspired by my living room.”
3. Create A Signature Cocktail: “I suggest you prepare your bar menu far enough in advance to gather all of the ingredients. I love the idea of having guests create their own cocktails, so I set the bar with gold trays filled with yummy items like rock-candy lollipops and Tootsie Roll logs to use for stirring. Right before your guests arrive, use a large, round glass bowl filled with ice to chill the booze.”
4. Find An Unexpected Game: “Buy an adult piñata, have sexy masks on-hand, and enjoy!”
5. Do Something Fun: “Whether it’s a dinner, concert, or dance party — plan it! No matter what you do, make sure you strategize ahead of time so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. Also, pick out your outfit with time to spare, too — you’ll regret it if you don’t!”
6. Sweeten Up: “Set up a fully-stocked and interactive candy bar for your guests to enjoy. Make sure to have plenty of options so you don’t run out (anything extra can be donated or added to gift bags)…I hit up Dylan’s Candy Bar for black-and-white variations of lollipops, stirrers, gum balls, and marshmallows. Basically, any candy that looks great, is graphic, and can fill bowls, works. Then, go through every room in your home and look for glasses, vases, and bowls that are different shapes and heights. Fill ’em up with your loot and make sure to have serving scoopers!”
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7. Give Out A Party Favor: “Have your guests bring the party home with them by handing out cellophane bags for a chic trick-or-treat. If you really want to run with the sweet-tooth theme, give them a Candy Land board game, candy-flavored lip balm, or a copy of Dylan’s Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life.”
8. Write Your Resolutions: “Draft your resolutions and seal them in an envelope. Remember to revisit those notes next year and promise to make amends.”
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