Third Date Expectations: A Girl’s Perspective


Third date decisions usually bring to mind one thing: sex. But the other question that really matters is, “Do I like this person enough to foresee a relationship with them or do I get out now before anyone gets hurt?” I know what youre thinking, Whoa whoa too serious too soon! Relax, you’re not proposing to the guy, you’re just entertaining the idea of dating further.

Sure, sometimes you go on a first date and you know someone is wrong right off the bat. Then again, maybe it’s not love-at-first-sight, but you like the person.In a busy city like New York, you dont want to waste peoples time (or your own) so by date three you start to wonder whether you want to spend more time with the person or if you’d rather keep all options open. Maybe these thoughts have yet to cross your mind, but its likely after date three, they’ll start to.

Its on those initial dates that you really get to know someone, and by the third date, expectations surface. While I don’t think sex necessarily affects the third date decision, it really depends on what sex means to you and your date. Maybe sex equals a relationship to you, or maybe its just sex and either way youre down for date four. Everyone has different expectations when it comes to s-e-x and all the other person can do is feel for a reaction.

Word to the wise: don’t be the girl who says shes looking for fun if secretly hoping for a relationship. This idea of expectations is why, after date three, dates are broken, talks are given, and/or people get flaky. Someone gets nervous that the other person has different expectations than their own. It can feel sudden for someone getting comfortable with the other person, but all you can do is know where you stand, know what youre looking for, and take it all in stride. You never know who youll meet next!

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