There’s More Sex in Los Angeles Than the Rest of the Country


LA residents may be having more sex, but if you live in Philly, then you’re having more satisfying sex than anyone else in the country. This is all according to Trojan’s US Sex Census, which surveyed 1,000 adults in various cities about their sexual habits. It’s really no surprise that Americans have a very healthy sex life the average American has sex 120 times per year, which is approximately 2.3 times per week. But to my surprise, we actually reported pretty high levels of sexual satisfaction, at 76%.

While big cities like LA and Houston are having more sex per year, 135 times and 125 times respectively, people in the Northeast region (as a whole) still have more sex 135 times per year than any other region, and safer sex at that (43% more likely to use a condom). Keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown of findings from the study.


  • Midwest (125 times per year/2.4 times per week)
  • West (120 times per year/2.3 times per week)
  • South (114 times per year/2.1 times per week)
  • Philadelphia and Dallas have the least sex (99 and 104 times respectively)


  • Philadelphia (82 % satisfied)
  • New York (81 % satisfied)
  • Atlanta (80 % satisfied)
  • Los Angeles (75 % satisfied)
  • Chicago (75 % satisfied)
  • Boston (73 % satisfied)
  • San Francisco (70 % satisfied)

Sexually Exciting Spots:

  • In a car (48%)
  • Sex in someone else’s bed (33%)
  • Sex on a plane (33% of men have not tried, but would like to)
  • Sex on a beach/sea (26% of women have not tried, but would like to)

Dempsey Stewart and Jasper Seven Photo: Derek Henderson, No. Magazine

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