The Vivant’s Golden Globes Drinking Game

Blair Pfander

Given the abundance of food, booze, and beautiful people, it’s no surprise that celebs often say the Globes are more fun than the Oscars—which, in turn, makes the experience that much more enjoyable for we viewers (particularly when a champagne-stocked refrigerator is involved).
This year, whether you’re hitting a ritzy viewing party or watching from the comfort of your couch, we guarantee there will be plenty to toast during the ceremony. We recommend keeping pace with the A-list with flutes of  Moët & Chandon (the official sip of the Globes). Of course, if things take a turn for the sloppy, you could always switch to white wine spritzers, we won’t judge.
And now, to cover ourselves, this game is only for people over the age of 21. Please drink responsibly.

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