10 Television Families We Wish Would Adopt Us

10 Television Families We Wish Would Adopt Us
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Welcome to TV Week on StyleCaster! Throughout the next seven days, we’ll be bringing you compelling content about one of our favorite things in the world: Television. Look out for new shows to watch, character roundups, fun facts, personal essays, and lots more. Why? Because we’re just as obsessed as you.

Of course we adore our own families but, as avid TV watchers, we occasionally can’t help but wonder what life would be like if we belonged to an entirely different brood nothing like the one we were born into. And we’re not talking about picture-perfect American Dream units like the Cleavers and Waltons. Rather, fictional families that approached parenting in interesting, humorous, unconventional, and often dysfunctional ways.

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That’s why—as part of our ongoing week on television coverage—we started thinking about which television families captivated us the most, and why. From obvious choices like the Huxtable’s and Brady’s, to less conventional family units like the one we loved on ’80s favorite “My Two Dads” here are are 10 television families we wish would adopt us. Sorry mom and dad!

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