Here Are The Best—and Absolute Worst—Fonts to Use on Your Résumé

Here Are The Best—and Absolute Worst—Fonts to Use on Your Résumé
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When it comes to trying to score a job, every little detail can impact whether or not you’re successful—even choosing the best font for your résumé can factor in.

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After speaking with creative and typography experts about which fonts indicate the slickest, most professional CV, Bloomberg found there’s one unequivocal winner—and a few fonts you should never, ever use professionally. Here’s what the they found.

Best Fonts For Your Resume

According to typography experts the best font to use in your résumé is Helvetica. Why? Because it’s “no-fuss, professional, lighthearted, and honest,” Bloomberg reports.


Best Fonts For Your Resume

If you’re very experienced and need to squish a whole lot of information onto one page, go with Garamond, which is legible and easy for the eye to follow.


Best Fonts For Your Resume

Anyone happy to fork out some money for a paid font could go with Proxima Nova, which is similar to Helvetica, but slightly rounder, lighter, and more spaced out.


best fonts for your resume

Anyone vying for a fashion job might want to consider using the Didot font, which is refined and feminine—but probably too fancy for a corporate gig.


Best Fonts For Your Resume

Most people gravitate toward Times New Roman—the old faithful of the font world—but interestingly, it should be avoided at all costs when trying to make a good first impression. “It’s like putting on sweatpants,” experts told Bloomberg.

Best Fonts For Your Resume

Courier is also a font you should forget about when it comes to writing a résumé—nobody will think it’s cute or impressive that you’ve listed your professional experience in typewriter font.

Other fonts to avoid include anything flowery, playful overly “swoosh-y,” or that you might see on a wedding invitation, including Zapfino and Comic Sans.

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Originally published March 2016. Updated March 2017.

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