50 Fictional Male Characters We’d Totally F*ck

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50 Fictional Male Characters We’d Totally F*ck
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When you come across a movie, a TV show, or a book you truly love, chances are it’s not just the riveting storyline that keeps you coming back. More often than not, it’s the characters—sometimes a very specific male character—that makes you tune in, whether it’s due to their smoldering personalities, killer chemistry with another character, or the fact that they’re just really, really nice to look at.

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With that in mind, our editors thought back to all the movies with hot guys they’ve ever watched and rounded up 50 of the sexiest fictional characters we’d totally do. From the sweet and sensitive to the slightly scary (but still sexy), our list is filled with a few fairly predictable choices (Don Draper, Jordan Catalano, Christian Gray, and anyone Ryan Gosling‘s ever played), those a bit less conventional (Will McEvoy from “The Newsroom,” Tommy Gavin from “Rescue Me”) and a few total surprises (Rio from “Gem and the Holograms,” Randy from “Valley Girl.”)

So, click through the gallery above of the 50 sexiest, most f*ckable fictional male characters (in no particular order) and let us know—which one(s) would you totally jump into bed with, and who did we forget?

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