The 10 Most Controversial Celebrity Outfits Ever

The 10 Most Controversial Celebrity Outfits Ever
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Being a celebrity has its benefits—bulging bank accounts, private jets, assistants who cater to your every whim—but it also comes with some pretty key negatives, such as being under a constant microscope. It seems the more famous you get, the more everything you say, do, and even wear become topics of conversation—and in some cases, can cause a great deal of controversy.

This is especially evident in the wardrobe arena—lots of unthinking stars have made odd choices and worn ensembles that have been deemed culturally insensitive by everyone from civil rights organizations to bloggers. The most recent example? Former Disney queen Selena Gomez, who’s being hounded for an apology by Hindu rights groups following her MTV Movie Awards performance last Sunday where she wore a bindi on her forehead.

Whether on the red carpet or in a music video, it’s clear that wearing the wrong outfit can get stars into some serious hot water. Of course, this begs the question: Where are all the stars’ handlers, and publicists, and entourages, and image advisors when they really need them?

Click through the slideshow above for a look at the 10 most controversial and offensive celebrity outfits ever!

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