“Terminator: Salvation” Premieres


Christian Bale came out in LA last night to premiere his new movie Terminator: Salvation. Bale, who famously threw a tantrum on set that was spread all over the internet, plays an all grown up John Connor, a name any movie geek will recognize from Terminators 1, 2 and 3. The movie is a prequel of sorts, you know because the plot is what drives the events of 1984’s The Terminator to take place, but it’s actually many years in the future. Paradoxical if you will – yeah, I’ve gone cross eyed too.

Though the “governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character is not yet present in the 4th film (like I said, it’s before Terminator, but not), his three children came out to support the movie. Also attending was the recently reunited Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, who dare we say it – looked really cute in a slightly undone tie. With all this Terminator talk did we time travel back to 1997 when Mark McGrath was hot?


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