Teen Choice Awards: Best Dressed

Instead of torturing you and recapping the events of last night at the Teen Choice Awards, including who won which awards, which Jonas Brother generated the loudest cheer from the audience, and documenting Miley Cyrus’ “southern” accent (elephant in the room?) we are going to cut straight to the chase and deliver our favorite four looks, starting with Lea Michele (pictured above), who wore a yellow one-shouldered Thread Social dress with metallic stack heel pumps.


Alexis Bledel, our favorite Gilmore Girl gone bad, trades in fishnets and her leotard a la WWD for more familiar Ivy League attire in this royal blue fitted dress with cutout detailing. The strappy red and white sandals add a little bit of personality to her look, too… and obviously so do her bright blue eyes. Tweet at us!


We’re not sure why Ashley Tisdale insists on putting on a pout face instead of just smiling, but facial expressions aside, the little velvet number she is wearing plus a pair of studded peep toe pumps, make her one of our favorite looks of the night.


We were just loving the one-shoulder looks at this year’s awards. Selena Gomez looked effortlessly flawless in her lilac Grecian-inspired one shoulder jersey dress. While we’re still not sure how we feel about pointy-toe shoes, her t-straps eliminated any doubts we may have had. Also, is it just us, or is Gomez looking a little thinner everyday? Don’t fall victim to celebrity crash dieting! You’re beautiful as you are.

  • mapi

    ashley tisdales dress is sooo pretty ! :)

  • goncalo

    Ashley’s dress is awesome!

  • meltem

    Ashley Tisdale so pretty :)

  • AshleyFan4ever

    Ashley is sooo sexy in that dress!I vote for her:))

  • AshleyTisdaleFan4ever

    Ashley Tisdale is the best! I vote for her!!!!

  • karhil

    ashley tisdale is the best dress

  • jen

    Ashley tisdale best dressed :)
    i love her
    shes soo sweet

  • Vivi Anne

    Ashley has the best dress and shoes no doubt
    she looks gorgeous

  • daniela

    ASHLEY best dressend..so beautiful and sweet:)

  • daniela

    dressed xd

  • AnaRadcliffe

    I love Ashley Tisdale ?
    Ashley Tisdale best dressend so fantastic and so beautiful

  • AnaRadcliffe

    Ashley Tisdale has The best dress and i love her so much and i think she is the best dressend

  • Ilse

    Ashley Tisdale THE BEST

  • samanta

    ashley is the best! is amazing, so cute.

  • Daniel

    Ashley tisdale best dressed ,she’s so hot!, i love you tisdale!

  • ed

    Ashley tisdale the best love tisdale

  • Imo

    Ashley Tisdale The Best

  • fatima xD

    Ashley is the best

  • judee56

    Ashley Tisdale so beautiful this dress. It’ so cute. :D

  • Audrey

    LOL this gets posted at an Ashley fansite & they come and spam the page.

    The dress is nice but she made it look cheap.

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