Team USA: Winter Olympic Uniforms Through The Years

Team USA: Winter Olympic Uniforms Through The Years
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When Ralph Lauren unveiled the uniforms that Team USA will wear during the opening and closing ceremony at Sochi, the online reaction was a bit iffy. Some loved the traditional American style of the knit patchwork cardigan, which will be worn with turtlenecks and fleece athletic pants, but others found them more Christmas sweater than patriotic. One thing that everyone did agree on though: How great it was that this year’s ensemble was made right here in the states after some negative publicity surrounding the 2012 Olympic uniforms being manufactured in China.

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Like the Olympics themselves, when it comes to team uniforms, everyone wants to stand out and represent their country with pride. Regardless of your verdict of Lauren’s loud-and-proud sweater, it’s worth remembering that Olympic history is full of patriotic, slightly over-the-top fashion.

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To that end, we decided to take a look back at past winter games and see what Team USA was rocking. Take a look at the gallery above and let us know: Which Team USA uniform do you think is the best?

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