Taylor Tomasi Hill’s Top Tips For Navigating Flower Markets

Leah Bourne

taylor flowers Taylor Tomasi Hills Top Tips For Navigating Flower MarketsA fashion veteran of places like Marie Claire and most recently Moda Operandi, Taylor Tomasi Hill is revered in fashion circles for her spot on street style (seriously, does this woman ever have an off day?). Since leaving Moda Operandi late last year, Hill has started several new ventures, one of which might be a tad surprising—its a small floral arrangement business called TTH Blooms. Hey, we’ve always known that Hill has impeccable taste, and it is no surprise that that extends to flowers.
Hill shared her top tips for navigating flower markets with Goop. Get inspired by some of Hill’s best arrangements heading over to her Instagram feed and then get ready to go floral crazy yourself!
Taylor Tomasi Hill’s Top Tips For Navigating Flower Markets:
1.Wear a hands free cross body bag.
2. Know your budget, it’s easy to go over.
4. Do a lap to see what’s available.
4.Have an idea of what you’r shopping for—but don’t limit yourself because a new discovery might inspire you.
5. Always bring cash.
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