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Taylor Swift Lands Campaign With Diet Coke, Continues On Path To Overexposure

Taylor Swift Lands Campaign With Diet Coke, Continues On Path To Overexposure

Today, Ad Age reported that Coca-Cola has just signed country-pop princess Taylor Swift to promote Diet Coke. Yes, another endorsement deal for the 23-year-old.

This isn’t the only major celebrity who has landed a soda campaign in recent months: Back in December, Beyoncé inked a staggering $50 million deal with Pepsi. With Swift as Diet Coke’s face, the longtime rival brands are equally matched, as both singers boast some of the highest record sales of all time. We’re sure Taylor’s gig with Coke will net her a pretty penny as well, but the question must be asked: Is such a high-profile gig with that much exposure really a good idea? The public opinion of the starlet has somewhat shifted as of late, thanks mainly to her dramatic string of short relationships with some of the most famous male celebrities from Harry Styles to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Seeing her shill for lots of different things (CoverGirl, Keds, her perfume, etc) is sure to turn off even of her most devoted fans. Granted, people don’t seem to be getting sick of Beyoncé—who has a self-directed HBO documentary on the way, as well as a gig as the Super Bowl halftime show headliner lined up—but Beyoncé isn’t the tabloids every other day thanks to her serial dating. Obviously, it would be understandable for Swift to want this deal, but it seems that it may be in her best interest to slow things down (we’ve warned her before!).

Weigh in on your thoughts about Swift’s potential overexposure, and click through the slideshow above for a look at her many endorsements!

  • Phyllis

    In my opinion Beyonce is in the tabloids just as much as Taylor Swift. Albeit for different reasons. Just this last week, Beyonce was constantly in the tabloids for lipping the national anthem at the inauguration. When she was pregnant, she was constantly in the tabloids because somehow her stomach collapsed in some interview she did and people were discussing if she was “really” pregnant or not. So yeah, beyonce is in the tabloids just as much and I can’t turn on my tv on without seeing a beyonce commercial (I haven’t seen taylor on TV in a while). The point is, they are both HUGE stars of basically the same power so ANYTHING they do is going to be magnified to the fullest. Taylor is not the first to have a string of boyfriends and breakup. Beyonce is not the first to lip the national anthem (and pretend to be singing live….pulling out the ear piece and all LOL). If I had to say someone was overexposed at this stage, it would be Beyonce. She is the one at the high profile events and would be covered regardless of her participation or not. Taylor on the other hand, people are simply chasing her PERSONAL life, that is not her fault and people are stuck to her like glue, including her haters. I say good for both girls get the endorsements but lets not act like Beyonce has been hiding in a closet, because she hasn’t. She is the one chasing the huge gigs and landing them. Taylor is simply living her life, if people stopped talking and writing about her life on line, I would say Taylor is very low profile in comparison to beyonce.

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