How Is It Possible That Taylor Swift Looks This Cute While Falling Face-Down off a Treadmill?


Getty Images

Leave it to Taylor Swift to pull the world’s most adorable move for April Fool’s Day. The svelte star released a new Apple Music commercial today via Twitter, and it is alarmingly watchable. She kicks things off in the video by complaining, “I hate cardio” (don’t we all, sister, don’t we all), and firing up Drake & Future’s infectious “Jumpman” for fitspiration. Rapping along to the ditty like the pro that she is, Swift gets about six lines in before falling flat on her face off the treadmill, which looks like it really hurts and prompts me to assume that she must’ve used a stunt double, because it is totally a badass and cringe-worthy move.

“Based on true events,” the pop mogul cracked on Twitter when she posted the vid. “TAYLORvsTREADMILL.” At first glance, it appears the treadmill won, but after Swift flops like a fish onto the black rubber gym floor, she misses just one line before basically brushing her shoulders off and rapping one more line.

The songstress has obviously fully reconciled with Apple Music, whose parent company celebrates its 40th birthday today. Swift blasted the company last year when it first announced that it wouldn’t be paying its artists for music streamed via the app during customers’ free trial period; after her open letter, the service quickly changed its stance and agreed to pay musicians, producers, and writers across the board, albeit at a lower rate during the trial. Swift and Apple Music have come a long way since that fateful day—though the app’s launch was majorly publicized by the singer’s outrage, which has led to some conspiracy theories. Whatever the case may be, she produced a pretty damn cute video today, and for that, we can all be grateful.

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